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14 Responses

  1. bud kushman says:

    This is the best pen ever guys. Get the glass globe with the v2 coil.


    The best rigs ever seen that day..

  3. urbanremo says:

    Customize your message´╗┐

  4. 1dopebloke says:

    That dude was baked to the gills. Lol

  5. JDabDog says:

    Great action at the cup!! Thanks

  6. sonde2007 says:

    Thats Kottonmouth Kings in the background or im high as fuck

  7. phr tao says:

    Looks like extract is the way things are going. I still prefer ‘flowers’
    since you know what you are getting and they do the job for me.

  8. gustina242 says:

    Haha, I live in Wa, I wish I would’ve came.

  9. Sky Hawk says:

    i think both

  10. Damien Nicholas says:

    Hey!! Look!! Its Calie Grown at 1:07.

  11. bensabb says:

    holy shit that vape has same connection as ps3 sikk deff buying one of them
    when i go to Canada

  12. MikeZ Taylor says:

    they didnt give u a dab ­čÖü

  13. Chichi Muno says:

    That mofo is high as FUCKz

  14. KushSYNdicate says:

    Aren’t open elements bad!?