My indoor cannabis garden. 4x White Widow, at day 16, 25 and 31 of flowering.

My indoor cannabis garden. 4x White Widow, at day 16, 25 and 31 of flowering.

Here’s my indoor cannabis garden. Started out with 4 feminized seeds. Only using biological nutrients/additives, growing on soil, used a fluorescent light fo…

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26 Responses

  1. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @SthealthRaider I did some very complicate calculations and it turns out
    it’s only the case when you smoke 1 gram a day on average. ;-P I wish it
    could get me baked for 140 days lol.

  2. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    Thanks. Good luck with that.

  3. Medicated says:

    also, how long did you veg? <3 Mr Medicated

  4. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @Fender337 Thanks. I vegged for about 2 months as far as I can remember,
    though I had them under fluorescent light in tiny pots a bit too long so
    they weren’t really growing for about a few weeks I think. Good luck with
    your grow.

  5. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @VBAadmin Thanks, haha. How much the seeds cost? Think it was about 55
    Euros for 10 seeds.

  6. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @iCanSeeWhatMostCant The magic of reading the description.. ;-P

  7. Medicated says:

    i like your grow man, trying to do something similar myself. <3 Mr medicated

  8. willis Peat says:

    What the name of the fucking song!

  9. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @STUDIO48 Thanks dude!

  10. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @s1ly0 It was somewhere around 140 grams as far as I can remember. Not that
    much sadly, I really need to try to get a bit more out of it.

  11. Chacho Sinclair Marley Angel says:

    What is the name of Song ?

  12. Oliver Yossif says:

    @CannabisPhilosopher Oh, that’s cheap compared to what I’ve seen. Were they
    all feminized?

  13. STUDIO48 says:

    ziet er goed uit broeder…!!!!

  14. Oliver Yossif says:

    Nice garden, haha. How much were the seeds?

  15. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    Think it was around 140 grams.

  16. facevalue says:


  17. facevalue says:

    hey man what’s this song called?

  18. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    Can’t remember exactly but around 140 grams.

  19. Andre Thomas says:

    How much did you harvest?

  20. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    @VBAadmin Yep all feminized. It’s relatively cheap indeed. I can probably
    get seeds for much less, but i’m sure that won’t be the same quality of

  21. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    Read the info.

  22. CannabisPhilosopher says:

    I think it was about 2 months.

  23. SthealthRaider says:

    @CannabisPhilosopher its enough to get 140 days baked ­čśë

  24. phan4lifestyle says:

    how much did the 4 plants give in grams when they were ready to put in bags?

  25. Weakness kindness says:

    Looks nice for a closet grower. Not very big buds, and looks like a pain to
    trim. Pretty plant though´╗┐

  26. Pancho Villa says:

    why cant Texas legalize it, so I can grow it my self´╗┐