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25 Responses

  1. l2CRE4M says:

    Ohshit #2klikes #m8srsly #srsly #googleplus #thanksdad 

  2. Raleigh Burke says:


    *Not even once.*

  3. MultiGoban says:

    Is he kill?!

  4. Zain Hussain says:

    +Razerburst Razer 

  5. KubaMC says:

    song name?? pls reply

  6. adamrules01 says:

    Link to the original video pls

  7. SpanishDuke says:

    name song¿

  8. 0blalb0 says:

    that 1v1 me rust part got me

  9. deni484deni says:

    Music pl0x

  10. Sammy Ho says:

    Dubstep song: Popeska – new soul. Now GTFO

  11. Aðalbjörg Flosadottir says:


  12. XxX_HENT41_SW4GG3R_420_XxX says:

    wants the name of the 1rst song

  13. Stoil Ionov says:

    Whats the song?

  14. Sean B says:

    You guys might laugh at commercials like these but weed killed my sister.

  15. Mega Quickstop says:

    Is this a movie or a tv show? if its either can someone tell me the name of

  16. MicroBoss says:

    what is this from?

  17. ThePhil4all says:

    HAHAHAA 1v1 Rust, that was the thing to do during mw2

  18. Timo Elmokadem says:

    Those mw2 references are killing me xd 1v1 rust haha

  19. Tom Erik says:

    did he die ?

  20. NoughtPointFourLIVE says:

    Best video ever!

  21. BlazinSkrubs says:

    *enya starts singing* I have never laughed so much at any video before.
    This is the one that made me start BlazinSkrubs.
    thxxxxxxx l2CRE4M, 1v1 me someday

  22. Nikitak09 says:

    my nans sewing machine could run this

  23. Sliq Killa says:

    it was mine

  24. crackedcd12 says:

    U Stole this faget

  25. SniparsClan GetRekt says:

    MLG guide #1