Miracle Gro Cannabis Garden – Day 52 of Flower

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses

  1. Marty Mar says:

    I’m using MG soil with a mixture of organic stuff pete moss and just dirt
    straigh from the earth.. I also was using some MG nutes during the Veg
    stage every 2 weeks and my plants are looking awesome. Ate a tomato that I
    harvested just yesterday from the ggarden using the same mix and nutes and
    it was juicy and tasty. Don’t believe the hype.

  2. seth morgan says:

    I love MG soil it is so much less work. Growers tend to hate it since it is
    very easy to mess up a grow if not used right. But most of them have never
    opened a bag of MG. No extra nutes needed, I just add some black strap
    molasses for taste, 1 tsp in a gallon jug of tap water ph around 7.5 and
    thats it. I try not to over water it since the nutes can get hot. The
    molasses gives the soil its organic matter fix it needs. Spin it anyway
    you want almost all organic soils have chemicals added. Unless you make it
    yourself. MG is so easy. Great video Mr. Tight love your style, easy clear
    and not flashy but always classy. I did have one question, Im an
    Environmental Science major and I have been thinking of doing an experiment
    by imitating moon cycles inside the grow room to see if it can further
    stimulate growth. I just think it would be a something fun to do. Have
    you ever heard of anyone doing this?

  3. Luis Campa says:

    How much should I put into a 2 liter bottle? 

  4. abel reyes says:

    Ive experimented on a grow with MG Plant food For Tomatos, Its The Pink
    powder Im talking about, Ive never used MG soiI So i cant Say Much About
    That.I used it at 1/2 Strength From veg to harvest with some CalMag , I
    Flushed After Every Two Feedings and Flushed For The Last 2 weeks I Just
    Needed To Know If IT could Compare to all the big name brands and it does.

  5. 01slipstar says:

    Using MG isn’t bad because it’s MG. It’s bad because they’re a subsidiary
    of Monsanto, the company that likes to inoculate their seeds with roundup,
    so it’s impervious to It’s effects when farmers spray their crops. They’re
    also the same company that lobbied the senate into passing a law that
    disallows us from lawsuits if it becomes clear that our food is poisoning
    us. I just don’t feel comfortable supporting a company that has those kinds
    of business practices. Check out “The world according to Monsanto”, to find
    out more about their place in the world. 

  6. lung biscuit says:

    I have used mg in the past when that was all I could get and I was very
    happy with the results.works great in a pinch

  7. Max Earney says:

    My MG soil had these tiny bug in it that when somewhat grown have wings,
    and Idk how to get rid of them!

  8. bob marley says:

    Hey there, love all your videos and really need some advice for my first
    grow! It would be an honour to talk to you so hopefully we can chat,,

  9. George Alcala says:

    Didn’t know there are haters growing what we all love

  10. Ken Block says:

    Mirical grow is made from the same stuff as all the other expensive brands.
    Exept mirical grow sells about 1000x more product then these other nutrient
    companys so they don’t have to charge a higher price.
    I have done experiments like this before. Advanced nutrients and other
    higher end companys do give me better results. But what I have come to find
    out though is that when you take into account the difference in cost,
    mirical grow wins. Plus there is less work involved with mirical grow.
    Flush for 2-3 weeks and you will have a similar smoke any other synthetic
    nutrients will give you. 

  11. jordan gower says:

    Looks good man. Nature finds a way and plants are enduring.

  12. 614jessicamiller says:

    What is the exact name of the MG soil? Did you use MG plant food for tomato
    too? If so what was the dosage and schedule? could you do a video with this
    information. Like what to buy etc… thanks for your response below too 

  13. Mark Benner says:

    Everyone complaining about the LED’s is an ignorant retard, and doesnt have
    the knowledge to do any research before looking like a dickhead… He uses
    a combo of his HPS and LED’s, if you actually watched some of his vids,he
    makes this clear in almost every single one,

  14. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    this is a skunk #1,a super lemon haze crossed with Nirvanas Ice, and an
    uncrossed Nirvana Ice.3 plants were used to make this video.

  15. 420topramen says:

    keep growing, fuck the nay-sayers

  16. amean94ta says:

    Use a heavy loader at the end

  17. frostkiing says:

    you guys are fools, great stuff i bet its bomb dank! better than the crap i
    get at the dispensary

  18. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    @BeEasyArtGlass medical = bullshit. non medical smokers will agree with
    me.were all entitled to smoke.

  19. Mr420ways says:

    the 400 watt master!!!!!!!!

  20. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    Im surprised youve never heard of MG being used for cannabis.It grows great
    vegetables so why not cannabis.See where I live we have ZERO access to any
    other soils but MG.We do have 1 hydro store with overpriced everything but
    I hate the owner and refuse to give him a penny of my money.So some of us
    are forced to make the best of what we have to work with.As you can see the
    buds are frosty and plentifull.MG gets a bad rap for no reason.In fact they
    are considering getting into the cannabis market

  21. Ricardo gant says:

    He flushes very very well so trust that shit will still taste bomb , be
    medical , && get you high af ! Stop with the bullshit comments _-

  22. Be Easy tree farmer says:

    miracle grow = DEATH = NOT MEDICAL

  23. Re Up says:

    If its 400 watt hps then how come @.38 I see Led lights?

  24. Mick Gepford says:

    MantanukaHigh that’s why you flush with a solution of ph adjusted water
    dumb ass

  25. brutus2266 says:

    why dont we stay on topic. im more interested in the soil. nice plants no
    matter what light u used.

  26. Steven Druelle says:

    Th 5 ? Please

  27. Charizaid Blue says:

    oops i will say Naaisss

  28. Clash of Clans Wall Art says:

    Fun Wall Art – Town Hall 9 – Hybrid – Weed

  29. Jake Mitchell says:


  30. Charizaid Blue says: