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25 Responses

  1. Brandon Moore says:

    Which set of blue planet nutrients did you use?

  2. Declan Fahy says:

    What the tune at the start of this vid?

  3. SirSly420 says:

    Nice looking plants bro . 

  4. Oskar Juraszek says:

    What do you use to feed them ??

  5. oldskoolmed420 says:

    You should try a dry trim and then make some dry sift. After doing this, I
    will never goback to wet trim. Using bubblemans dry sift method creates the
    tastiest full melt beach sand with minimal effort. Water hash is too much
    work for me anymore!

  6. tim xxhawk says:

    what a great idea about tying the stem like that do you realize how many i
    split and had to repair,,,, I think you do….lol…peace bro looks great’

  7. Growing With Mr.Tight says:
  8. haribo stinky says:

    its been nice to see over the last 3 years or so how your grow skills have
    progressed and now i think your plants are at their full potential 

  9. BrownGuy420 says:

    Great video as always! That OG is lookin tippy top shelf!

  10. Blacc Flores says:


  11. Frank Mcdougall says:

    i’m not that knowledgeable about this stuff but to the leftovers or the
    skeletone grows back again and can be harvesated again

  12. gert jan says:

    frosty, looks so jummy

  13. mike mifflin says:

    To which method do you prefer to dry ? Hanging the budz from there stem or
    laying them down on racks ?? Thought that tote dryer was cool and great for
    people with limited space.

  14. Mike Hendricks says:

    you sir have two amazing very very green thumbs! i have never seen a single
    bud from you that looks anything but just short of perfect. one day when i
    can grow again, i hope to be a master like yourself. peace mr tight.

  15. angi marcus says:

    Hey whats Up. How many weeks do You veg from seed?? Thank You

  16. johndoww2010 says:

    Bud can u message us back ,,how and where did u get the graphics for
    beginning of your ,,,,,have2say awell put together and quality green

  17. tinktwiceman says:

    Wow beautiful buds. That OG Kush plant looked nice and bushy. I’m convinced
    that it’s not a coincidence that you grow beautiful buds every time. I’m
    curious to know the final weigh on this yield. These are my favorite
    videos. Keep inspiring and sharing great tips Mr. Tight 

  18. thomas reddick says:

    man that looks tasty.

  19. FiletMin Chron says:

    dude looks like he has alot of cats….

  20. Jose Molina says:

    very nice harvest great buds wish I could have a taste lol. like your trim
    work, keep up the awesome vids and the work i’ll keep watching bro. keep it

  21. IamSome bodysCaregiver says:

    Hey Mr. Tight, just thought I’d let you know, that is an absolutely
    B-E-A-Utiful harvest of that Kush plant. I can’t wait to grow up and be
    just like you in my growing endeavors….LOL!….On a side note, I’m
    diggin’ the new way you ended this video, thought it was pretty cool.

  22. Droking32 says:

    how many time do you top yours plants they look good 

  23. Los-Pown says:

    Nice! I just started one of each of these strains. Stacked Kush, OG 18, OG
    Kush and Sour Kush from DNA/Reserva Privada. I hope my OG Kush comes out as
    dank looking as yours did. This is my first time running these strains.

  24. ron strong says:

    she looks great! everything is lookin proper!