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9 Responses

  1. joseb010 says:

    Seems like they are coming along quite great! Can’t wait to see the results
    bro. Keep up the good grow

  2. Drew Grow says:

    It is amazing the speed these grow..Big question is “has anyone out there
    ever smoked this strain and how was it ??? 🙂

  3. Chevy Buds says:

    yeah I havent been able to find one either,I did find one though where he
    says hes did alot of autos and has had the most success with the jet47s
    coming in min 28g and the max hes got was 112g…..idk,cant wait to see
    your harvest bro,ill try to get a vid together of mine.

  4. kosmonaut420 says:

    real nice

  5. Chevy Buds says:

    VERY NICE,Iam running 5 jet47 and one critical mass auto.I would love to
    see a final vid on your autos.

  6. Drew Grow says:

    Oh I am going to make a harvest video for sure because I can not find
    another Autobloom video. I am really wondering the yield and quality. But a
    sea of green grow of these you could do a lot at one time no doubt

  7. MrBluepits says:

    damn bro those look nice .. nice job with that

  8. Drew Grow says:

    I have to say these things are exceeding my expectations. They are so fast !

  9. Drew Grow says:

    The next time I grow these they should be better though.Every strain is so
    unique you know.I need to mess with the fertiliser,pot size,hrs of
    lighting.idn maybe about the third grow I will have the strain down 🙂