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25 Responses

  1. Sarah Mash says:

    The whole room looks abit of a mess. Not being horrible your a beginner but
    if u organise it better and trim better to allow energy to the tops better
    you will get better results. Big plants don’t mean more they just waste
    space. FuCked myself up like that too many times

  2. mr420superstar says:

    Pointless video

  3. jim dodo says:

    hey wth??? thought I was going to learn something here,, I guess I have
    google this shit and do the learning myself

  4. Canna Occult says:

    @ssrider7 In general, you don’t want to change fert lines. But in your case
    you have no choice, bcuz if you don’t give them the pot and phos. They
    won’t produce very good quality buds with a low yield. Your plants will b
    fine. Just make sure and start off light with the new nutrients. I always
    use half dose anyways!

  5. matanuska high says:

    well yea…of course..but its alot harder …and the numbers on the bottle
    arent what your plants are getting if the soil isnt alive and breaking down
    them organic material into usable food for the plants…chemicals feed the
    plant through the cell membrane…organics feed the plant through benefical
    ecto and endo mycorrhizal fungi

  6. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Hope to see you at the cannabis cup this weekend 15th and 16th in Detroit

  7. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    I had great success with recipe for success but I moved to ionic because
    it’s MI based company.

  8. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    MissTracegirl smell my balls

  9. matanuska high says:

    numbers are only good with synthetics..organics work alot different to be
    usable for plants…

  10. yygg kgy says:


  11. Canna Occult says:

    You can still burn plants with organics.

  12. matanuska high says:

    all 40 products? lol

  13. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Go blue

  14. MicroNuggets says:

    Any outdoor tips for nutrients, Im a rookie.

  15. David Miller says:

    I usually use 3/4 of the recomended amounts of my nutrients and the plants
    turn out great. I use Humboldt Nutrients.

  16. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Yes I recommend advanced nutrients heavy harvest it’s a time release
    nutrients works great outside

  17. OxyFiend1982 says:

    Use fox farms way better for flowering you’ll get bigger more potent buds

  18. JohnnyBoysOutlook1 says:

    0:42.. It’s a fucking jungle in there…

  19. Mrgunman1955 says:

    says the nobody girl *who probably isnt one* to someone who is doing
    something with their life… right on! retard…

  20. Night Flier says:

    I bought the success box set Havnt used it yet but plan on it. I’m also a
    new grower and use only fox farms lineup for now started with general hydro
    line but kept burning tips.. anyways keep it clean and green brother.

  21. ClassicAce2COB says:

    Great job.. GO BLUE!!!

  22. eltrader100 says:

    I like that come back the world is full of HATE

  23. Jos Stoner says:

    You look like an IDIOT!

  24. Drew Grow says:

    You have more views on your videos than I have on most of mine ! Why don’t
    you continue to put them out?

  25. Caregivergrandmaster says:

    This guy is a loser and gets seeds and spider mites ever harvest, what a