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21 Responses

  1. GreenKid1988 says:

    Just watch videos man…educate yourself dont let yourself be educated

  2. B4IRUTUARU16 says:

    My tiny turtle is pleased with this

  3. V Man says:

    douchebag liberals ….. omFG!!!

  4. Steve Allen says:

    Here’s how you grow: Fox Farm Ocean Forest… End of story!

  5. Ace Garcia says:

    I like the way they way marijuana look educational for a minute in our

  6. Scott Smith says:

    @VinnieGazzara LOL what

  7. SloanKetering says:

    this didnt teach me shit…

  8. rodriguezchico1 says:

    Know I want to stay in school and be a professor on how to teach people how
    to care for their own weed plant 🙂

  9. anthonyfilter says:

    this guy supply’s the uk government home office with his hydro systems hes
    well expensive but he does know is shit

  10. Anacleto Beresfore says:

    The issue with hydroponics is you will have to buy “plant food” or
    nutrition and supplements that are pricey. Aquaponics brings together the
    most effective aspects of Hydroponics And Aquaculture therefore cut down
    cost and increase work productivity

  11. willy wonka says:

    Biggest conman in the UK hydroponics business’s, an absolute wanker, who
    needs to stop dressing up as Harry potter

  12. willy wonka says:

    Biggest Col

  13. willy wonka says:

    Biggest co man

  14. lee of london says:

    yeah this is well old,though i gotta say this fella(ill not say his name
    but he works in a hydroshop i use)really knows wots wot

  15. NIGHTSKYE1 says:

    just wash the clay peebles in a sieve it saves time and a whole lot of

  16. Kayne Daly says:

    k will do. ty 4 replying, i’ll b watchin out 4 more of ur vids, tnx again

  17. Graham Willis says:

    This guy is absolutely crazy I love it

  18. Kayne Daly says:

    my m8s doin his 1st grow in a nft, his plants r doin well only thing hes
    avin a prob is is that when he does his water change and put his nutes in
    he ph his water but a day or so later it rises up from say 5.5- 6.3, but
    the ec is pretty much stayin the same. is that surposed 2 happen, can he
    keep ph ing the water. great vid by the way v informative ty

  19. lee of london says:

    PH is EVERYTHING,yes ph drift is good as plants usetake diff nutes at diff
    levels but PH is the main thing to get right

  20. blackrockgroup says:

    Different things change the PH such as watter evaporation and light
    exposure and the plant may take up some nutrients faster than others. Also
    there could be salt build up in the lines altering the ph. There are alot
    of things to change the ph and a good clean watter flush is good on a
    regular basis. ph does change a little but not usualy by that much. In my
    opinion ph is not as important as its made out. cannabis is hardy and
    adaptable so dont panic but keep an eye out and change as needed

  21. TurthIsIt says:

    I remember watching this in 2003