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18 Responses

  1. tim shade says:

    Half gram hash. Half gram dead skin. Mmmmgross

  2. Tony Oliver says:

    half of that stuff is the shit from his hands………

  3. okisdr says:

    You knów, it’s kind of a fact, that if you rubb hands hard together,
    skinscells will fall off.

  4. DICK SANCHEZ says:

    this is just cheap gross shit

  5. DICK SANCHEZ says:

    i don’t buy dirty foreign hash

  6. Chathura Gunawardan says:

    No one who commented here does not know what this man is making, Dont
    disrespect the Indian Culture! Its unique and Thanks to God Shiva! Jah Bless

  7. okisdr says:

    No skincells looks almost transparent, does that mean that there cant be
    any skincells in this charas because YOU cant see them on a youtube video?
    Omg 🙂

  8. Chathura Gunawardan says:

    Idiot are skin sells visible and greenish black!! Think before you talk son
    of a bitch

  9. marijuanaindia says:

    Nice process! Have you seen our very own India’s Marijuana Community Forum?
    ( )

  10. okisdr says:

    Alot of that is skincells… Rubbing to hard and violent..

  11. Arman singh says:

    True way to get better hash…Go down to up of the stem and dont press it
    hard…best time to get hash in india it is august-october…

  12. burningguy100 says:

    Im from india and even i wouldn’t buy from him.

  13. Richard Martinez says:

    Hell no! I would not trust the grimy hands that made the hash or the even
    nastier hands that packed it. Not a good to treat my soul mate.

  14. nkbigdog97 says:

    If u dont u smoke the deax skin 2?

  15. Cool4on says:

    he should have done it with gloves and then stretch the gloves to get it

  16. DharokDude says:

    thats how indian mke they hash. they dont even smoke the buds.

  17. JustAStoner says:

    haha… the joy of ignorance… is that your pic? being fat and ignorant is
    just too tough man…

  18. Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says: