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25 Responses

  1. Sam Yeargan says:

    Alright guys:question: I work at a place that ships,sells and stores every
    type of fertilizer and agricultural chemical seemingly know to man, and was
    wondering what your dream fertilizer would be, if you had every type of
    chemical and fertilizer, filler etc available to you ANYTHING GOES.

  2. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Look 4 updates coming soon

  3. Hemult Schmacker says:

    Watch out the cyber police might track your ip lol

  4. Sean Newton says:

    world wide legalization is needed, only real reason its against law in so
    many countries is coz that means polititions are admitting that they have
    bought weed from a drug dealer and that’s naughty lmao, and to those ythat
    bad mouths weed i bet you go drinking alcohol with ya mates and which one
    kills ? coz it aint weed, love the plant as that’s been round since before

  5. brchldw says:

    hey dude great vid…i need a lil more help on how the mixing process goes
    when using the products..should i mix with water every feed, or every ten
    days?…im on week 4.5 nd the last week 1/2 has been 18/6 light hours…

  6. smoking192 says:

    @MrJafautt then can you answer my question could i just use the nutes in
    the soil and then transplant my plants every 2 weeks or so?

  7. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Yeah I cried you when I get 7 1/2 ounces per plant

  8. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Obviously you’re a dumbass as you can’t read the tags that says Michigan
    medical marijuana dumbass and what can they arrest me for growing my
    medicine that the state gave me legal right to do so get your facts right
    before you start spreading your retardation on the Internet so go crawl
    back underneath your rock cause obviously you don’t know times are changing
    for the medical marijuana butt think you mr. D.E.A

  9. Nick Batchelder says:

    Hahaha why are people on here hatin so goddamn much! Re-cockulous. Anyways
    it’s great your taking care of your patients. That’s the best part of
    growing that you get to see how your quality meds help people. Seems like
    you got your system down. Alice n Chains rock. Peace

  10. InKa4484 says:


  11. Detroit MonkeyCheese says:

    @ greenvilleutopia1…are from michigan or from the Detroit area..? PM me
    on the c.list tip…well take donations..kool

  12. superbudgrower says:

    how do you buy one of these

  13. greenlung! says:

    why come on here dickhead to look at plants an so called knowledge that
    your crack fried brain cant take in a hate on the man jelousy doing
    somthing right mate keep it up just block the muppets ! you know most
    haters aint gota grow 2show an b4 you ask wers mine its illegal in the uk
    im not retarded like your comments so go find some rope tie it round your
    neck and 2 a tree and jump biaaatch!

  14. 420gR0wDUDE says:

    Hey man Ink awesome vids man!! I been usin technaflora for like 3 yrs now,
    i have rocked my grow tent more than once with it! I was just wondering,
    does it fuck the plants up if I dont use the boost when I mix the nutrient
    solution? I’m using soil and on week 3 of flower and having yellowing and
    spotted leaves. no mites present.

  15. MaterialSociety says:

    1:01 i would cry if my roots were that thin =(…

  16. SuperBigrob2010 says:

    were did u get that pack of stuff from

  17. TeamGRN420 says:

    that stuff is GREAT! its what i use too! i dont follow their feeding
    program tho

  18. Caregivergrandmaster says:

    Greenvilleutopia is a joke, he can’t grow. He hermes most of his crops and
    gets seeds so don’t take advice from this loser

  19. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    Your mom likes my hairy face up her ass & your dad likes your face up his
    balls. So shave your dads balls. oxymoron

  20. OxyFiend1982 says:

    You faggot you look like a retard shave your face faggot

  21. Kouveious says:

    nice vid, how much does it cost for the pack for recipe for success go for?

  22. greenvilleutopia1 says:

    It’s feed water water depending on the size pot you’re using I used 5
    gallon pot every three days feed water water

  23. Danny Blaze says:

    Just beautiful awesomeness ~

  24. greenlung! says:

    whats (officalogmac) officaolmac out of the closet gay mac lol

  25. DETROIT KID says:

    HAHA your an English professor! You look as dead as your weak plants! Stop
    it just stop