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10 Responses

  1. socalhippie hashman says:

    i’d recommentd using dry ice and only flower no trim or fan leaves and
    you’ll get a grip more hash then using only regular ice.

  2. Lachy Norris says:

    it is.

  3. slash2jimi says:

    that’s looks like not very good trim…..

  4. filfoman says:

    would you say the hash is higher quality? i’ve seen some videos and it
    seems to me that most of the hash was pretty green

  5. filfoman says:

    first. did you ever try the dry ice method? heard its pretty rad

  6. MMMGrower says:

    Dry Ice extraction is great. What an amazing feeling watching that golden
    dust rain down upon the table with each and every shake.

  7. Anel Bumps says:

    I thought it was pronounced trichome like it is spelled.

  8. UtubeAdminSucksAss says:

    Once you go Co2 you never go back. 🙂

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