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25 Responses

  1. Corz Illa says:

    doesnt look very full and dense bud? LED cant produce this?

  2. Marco Lopez says:

    It does look like the fire.

  3. oneshotgrow says:

    Yep, I f’d this video up and got the #’s wrong. 60-65% is proper range for
    curing / long term storage.

  4. OneInTheRiver says:

    Didn’t you say in the video that you want about 50-55%?

  5. Barry Hackett says:

    for a tent like thisSecret Jardin Dark Twin DR90T 2.5 its 3×3 dual chamber
    what size led would u recommend my house isnt always perfect temps and i
    want to vent in the room or under the second bedroom door to the next i
    want to buy the light from amazon thanks!

  6. Alejandro Jaime says:

    how long do you cure for, till perfection ?

  7. oneshotgrow says:

    yes. Depends on how wet they are and when I feel they are dried enough. 5-9
    days usually.

  8. MoRpHaToMicZ says:

    lol 504g of str8 premo buds wow im walking cross town for gs damn

  9. oneshotgrow says:


  10. Ski Brokim says:

    good lookin shit homie

  11. Led Grams says:

    Oneshot email me fivestarmag420@gmail? U got over a lb in a 3×3 thats crazy!

  12. Led Grams says:

    What was you’re total yield?

  13. oneshotgrow says:

    It never stops curing if it’s in the proper RH range of 60-65%

  14. oneshotgrow says:

    Anyone can grow dank buds man! Do it!

  15. High Life says:

    The buds look great oneshot nice job. An its really cool about the new LED
    light you are going to get to test out and that they are going to send some
    one to set up your grow room.

  16. LEDfarmer says:

    Thanks man , love your vids. I just picked up the lumigrow pro 325, i cant

  17. Rius Smith says:

    How long do you let your herb cure?

  18. oneshotgrow says:

    Check the latest GrowBlu video update I just uploaded yesterday. It shows
    how I LST and supercrop. As for the views and such, I dunno 🙂 Thanks for
    the compliment! I have recently seem to have attracted some haters and
    someone flagging my videos.

  19. U.G. Nyus says:

    Well done..

  20. devilboykillz says:

    looks amazing… so any new info on the new setup and specialist… and you
    got too grow it in the illegal states just too get goo b ud ;p lol

  21. oneshotgrow says:

    Awesome awesome light. Bright as shit 🙂 What kind of space you going to be
    running it in? My ES330 just got back from Lumigrow repair.

  22. jmpmcd says:

    what was your dry weight finnished total exact?

  23. bloodswarms says:

    Where’d you get those small humidity readers for the inside of the jars?

  24. oneshotgrow says:

    504g dry

  25. cristian ibanez says: