Lone Seed Project #35 ‘Topping Fiming & Pest Control’

Day 35 we discuss a ton of info in todays episode, from demonstrating a fim and top, to mixing our pest spray solution. 😀 Thanks for watching, Subscribe fo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New Video: http://youtu.be/mTzHRyxpaZA Subscribe for more awesome documentarys! Extraordinary People, BBC, etc. This documentary as well as the rest of these…

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25 Responses

  1. MrCastrize says:

    Best for pest control is wasabi powder and water and put in a spray bottle

  2. Mr. Be.Long says:

    holy shit dude. i bite my nails, but you seriously gotta stop, you only
    have half the size of my nails left haha

  3. Daves GrowGuide says:

    Wasnt any music etc in the vid ? Probably some bible bashing idiot filed a
    complaint ??

  4. Bond0JamesBond8 says:

    this dude chews his nails to nothing

  5. DerpDerpity420 says:

    Brian whaaaat up. I’ve been following this young man for a long time too.
    Promoting that “JolieOlie Twist”. I’m gonna get it this time. Thanks for
    the advice. Peace my brother!

  6. Monkey2682 says:

    I have a quick question. I’ve got a few little ones started from seed. How
    do I keep them low and bushy. As for transplanting, is it safe to bury my
    plant up to where the baby leaves were(in order to keep it short and

  7. Hank Rich says:

    bro, your fuckin awesome. can u like gather all your glass and have like a
    showcase? haha u got some sick glass

  8. umja345 says:

    Less yield and taller plant.

  9. Quinn Thai says:

    It’s called a hydra when u cut off a head it grows into two

  10. StayHigh420 says:

    Yo, when I fimmed my girls a few times I got multiple tops from it some
    how, I guess it’s because the nodes were so close together but I ended up
    with 4 tops, have heard of people getting up to 6:)

  11. stubobo29 says:

    Strike 1 you tube burrockrusey Madness ur vids are educational only its
    maybe coz you took a hit from the bong maybe, I dont know but “I do know
    ive learnt more things off youband used them myself keep up good work buddy

  12. spozoner says:

    Also can you explain why you prefer topping instead of fiming ?

  13. David b says:

    I would say use your fingernails ,but you have none!

  14. Crispy Critter says:

    the hydra cut one head off 2 more take its place

  15. $~The Realist~$ says:

    When you “top” you do not have to remove the whole top of your plant. There
    is another way to top that is just as effective and will not stress your
    plant as much as removing the whole top of your plant. The really only
    reason why people top the way you are is so they can use the top they cut
    off as a clone. Please research topping a little more before deciding to
    top in this extremely stressful way.

  16. Ludvig Sømme says:

    hey dude I stoped biting my nail about 2 weeks ago. I realy sugest you will
    do the same thing. Its kinda veird having nails and i would rather not have
    long nails if i could chose but it helps your rolling and your hands look
    much nicer. every finger is kinda a plant if you want to look at it from
    another perspective

  17. EL VERGON says:

    yo g420g i have two questions where can i get cherry pie seeds ive been
    wanting to grow cherry pie also the other question is wats a good indica
    plant you think is good plus great videos ive learned alot from you thanks:)

  18. TehHydroOG says:

    wheres 36?

  19. David Johnson says:

    i really didnt have at the clearest idea on fimming and you explained it
    perfectly, thanks dude

  20. James Mierisch says:

    You are funny, love the entertainment

  21. brianj123458 says:

    Derp sorry I can’t watch the video on his channel no more YouTube says I
    need to 18&older hell I’m 34 years old don’t no what the problem is but I
    did pm grow420guide to see if he can do something to fix it I don’t want to
    miss the LSP I watch everyday but on that twist top Derp twist until you
    think it is going to brake and then pinch it a little thanks and peace

  22. SentByHim says:

    The Hydra 🙂 cut off one head two grow back

  23. phoenixflip says:

    great to see video footage of fiming clear and clean on YT. thanks from the

  24. Nassos Xamakos says:

    More water man. Trust me

  25. symbolsandsystems says:

    Google is just like the USA corporation: secret accusers, secret