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25 Responses

  1. John Hutchings says:

    Did you germinate or just´╗┐ plant seed in soil??

  2. 12345heyden says:

    i have 1 autoflower in a 5 gallon pot, do you´╗┐ think thats too much?

  3. Ndominguez420 says:

    How are you doing and hows it going Dr.B´╗┐

  4. Weedus2 says:

    Skunk #1 Males are perfect for Pollination,somehoe a cross with´╗┐ skunk#1 always make good results

  5. pctureperfct says:

    you should try switching them to 12/12 or leave them in the dark for 24hrs. I have heard o some strains not autolowering but i dont know about BCN diesel´╗┐

  6. joaquin9012 says:

    20 hours´╗┐ is recomended

  7. Dominic Puleo says:

    how long is your´╗┐ photo period.will they flower at 24/7?

  8. Bla┼ż Fuckface says:

    Im going into 6th week now with BCN diesel and theres still no signs of preflowers =/ ., Im growing under 400w HPS´╗┐ 24/7 ., They are really bushy and geting big, do u think they are not autoflower strain or do i just need to give them a bit more time ?

  9. James Enclave says:

    How are lowryders then.. decent weed or?´╗┐

  10. Mohsen Taheri says:

    Autoflowers are the best dude. Next year im doing´╗┐ only autoflowers! Check out my white widow autoflower its the best thing autoflower

  11. cmonk666 says:

    Does any1 know if eye ave my autos´╗┐ under a 250 watt metal halide for two weeks then put them under a 600 watt hps will that shock em nd stunt there growth ?

  12. jeremy wade says:

    autoflowering strains love root space the´╗┐ more the better

  13. Steez'd MuziqTV says:

    nice grow op ! i was wonder what wattage of light you are using beacuse i just got a 400w light to suffice my 5 autoflower´╗┐ . would you recommend i use less plant or more light or am i going to be fine . oh yeah its about a 2.0×2.5×5.33 foot space

  14. Richard Cairns says:

    Hi GrowGreenerGuru I love U,r Auto,s and what u say about them i live in the UK and have grown a number of auto,s in my time , i,v used all kinds of diff lights and i found i got Great results with 250 wtt CFL lights with the plants set in an oxy pot system , the results where amazing i do have pictures but cant post´╗┐ them on here ­čÖü
    but auto,s are Great and i think each plant is different but my best results came from giving them a good start with air oponics and nutrients Great STUFF

  15. Stan Manzo says:

    This could of helped me when I bought a auto flower´╗┐ -_-

  16. yygg kgy says:

    and u can keep all the stems i dont like´╗┐

  17. yygg kgy says:

    i steal all leave just 1 small wet small´╗┐ cone

  18. Q StiX says:

    so its probably´╗┐ not a good idea to top it?

  19. Sanchez9531 says:

    nothing´╗┐ feels so good as your own home grown weed :-))))

  20. eric b says:

    I’ll be lucky to get 4 grams a piece on the 2 Lemon Juice´╗┐ express,don’t recommend it but as its my first attempt with autos I will try try again…drainage drainage,double that perlite 3rd time charm,I hope

  21. shiznewski says:

    I am about 4 weeks into 3 auto blue mystics. They are growing nicely, all have shown sex but no budding going yet. My question is, what soil are you using, and are you using nutrients and if so what schedule? I have the fox farms happyfrog and ocean forest soil, and i´╗┐ have the nutrient trio. It has worked beautifully on my first grow (2 master kush plants).

  22. Roycelynne Henley says:

    what´╗┐ size pots did you have them in during the late stages.

  23. Matty8302 says:

    I have tried a strain called Easyryder and it yielded about 30g dry so not bad. Its an autoflower fem strain. Smelled almost sweet and the resin was really good too.
    Actually grew it under 3 3000 lumen CFL’s witch gave good internodal branching as well as proper kelvin´╗┐ for flowering. Not bad fro CFL’s!

  24. Erick M says:

    can you top autos? or just let them grow as is?´╗┐

  25. Adol666 says:

    When most of the little glands on the buds and sugar leaves,(trichomes) they look like little mushrooms, go from clear to milky or amber your ready to harvest. Get yourself a´╗┐ magnifying glass