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25 Responses

  1. Victor Lopez says:

    It seemed like a found footage film where at any moment they would get
    ambushed and clapped up by a group of native guerrilla rebels…9:25 IS
    actually the best quote describing the political and socioeconomic
    advantages the cultivation of marijuana can offer should it ever be

  2. Rawr Jetss says:

    1:40 amazing quote

  3. Some guy you're not familiar with just yet says:

    Grouse seeds takes landrace genetics from unknowing people then exploit
    them as if they created the shit. Screw that. These people have kept some
    of the strains alive for generations like in Afghanistan, so you better put
    some thought as to who really deserves the credit. Hint. Not Arjan

  4. roger manypenny says:

    …we couldn’t just BLAZE threw gorilla territory…
    GET IT?
    thaNK YOU vice

  5. Havoc301 says:

    What is the intro song??

  6. Jared Taylor says:

    doing coke around some fine marijuana. Makes me sad.

  7. Jason Vanderstel says:

    My father died because of the terrible withdraw afterwards. R.I.P Mah Pa.

  8. Xiryum says:


  9. 50music says:

    look, weed is not bad, but if you have too much of it you rely on it, same
    goes for anything you do too much, it becomes a habit in your system. If
    you smoke weed all i ask you to do is not be lazy and do something

  10. ZIGMAN775 says:

    So go to Cali and find work on an operation. Gotta start somewhere!

  11. Davide Il Della says:


  12. redsmoker504 says:

    I smell a crap load of bullshit.

  13. mcdangles89 says:

    Hahah he’s just high as absolute fuck

  14. gpto14 says:

    Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i got an heart attack because of weed.

  15. Davide Il Della says:

    Im pretty sure that is not the right way to milk a cow

  16. ca9na0da5 says:

    *obvious ?

  17. Bruno Lachance says:

    @Legalize it man you’re a fucking retard…

  18. Samb1600 says:

    What is that song at 4:13? It’s not one of the two in the description!

  19. The J-man says:

    pretty sure he was being sarcastic; but yea thats an old LSD scare story i
    heard that years ago. LOL orange juice guy took too much,,,prolly not true

  20. Gayashan Tennakoon says:

    Holy white it cures cancer?!? Maybe you should become a medical
    professional and publish your findings. You will become a millionaire! This
    sort of ignorance is what disgusts me, if marijuana cures cancer it would
    be a worldwide sensation. Yet it doesn’t, so all you potheads stop making
    random excuses to get a quick high.

  21. Tyler B says:

    lmao if your serious thats funny shit that you’d say that

  22. Ben N says:

    the greenhouse guys sound like they did more blow than smoke herb

  23. Käptn Haddock says:


  24. XxXTacosXxX says:

    How can u smoke in colombia full of killers n gorilla warfare n be high out
    of ur mind without being paranoid as fuckkkk. Shit.