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  1. AnaboliX says:

    Another guy that has no idea what he’s talking about. Alcohol tincture is
    inferior? You must be kidding.

  2. Drew Grow says:

    If I am remembering right about 2ml was what I used of this. Maybe you
    should make a tiny batch to work out the bugs. Like I said before glycerin
    was much easier to work with

  3. Drew Grow says:

    I did not look for a recipe myself but there probably are some for the
    ratios. I know you can Google cooking with Kief and get some results. I did
    this with food grade glycerin too that I bought from a health food store
    and it is easier to work with than Honey. Also there are recipes for home
    made gummy bears when you use Ge lo with less water and boil the Kief or
    buds in the gelatin solution. 

  4. Sir Strobie says:

    you should strain through cheesecloth, it’ll get rid of all your solids and
    make it much more enjoyable

  5. 4gottenravin says:

    Your keif looks mighty green bud-dy. More like ground pot. Pure keif is

  6. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    That is absolutely incorrect 1:10 it takes 220 f for a half hour to
    activate. Approximately. 180 f for a few minute will NOT do it. 

  7. Naomi Duncan says:

    the sound of that spoon scraping was awful,the rest of the video was good
    and informative.

  8. Peter Dell'Ario says:

    metal spoon scraping metal pot…. bad bad bad

  9. Richard Schreck says:

    You should do this on a double boiler- each one of those bubbles puts some
    of your weed up in the air. the best extraction is the one you can’t smell
    at all. 

  10. LFTeyeSEVERN says:

    alcohol tincture does not have to be heated to react as good as any other you have to let the herb sit in the say..bacardi 151 for 4 to
    6 weeks. than strain it. its all about the time you let it sit and shake
    it. this is where so many go wrong. this method you drop 4 drops under your
    tongue and over 3 days it will relieve a lot of pain. as far as the high?
    depends on what type you use and quality of herb. of course you have to
    again let it sit in jar for 4 to 6 weeks. example…. someone at a friends
    took this tincture described. was told they could have some and that that
    person would be right back. the lady found the bottle,decided to take a
    sip(not 4 to 6 little drops)but a nice sip and she was F/( l

  11. Ashley Springfield says:


  12. KhmerPride92 says:

    Van you smoke this in a vap pen the honey and keif or does it have to be
    the other for vap pens


  13. varun009 says:

    Been getting sick of smoking. Where I live I can’t get tinctures anywhere
    (Mj is illegal). I made an alcohol tincture which I started using last week
    has been great! Awesome indica high regardless of the strain! Kicks in in
    about 20 minutes which is always a plus since edibles take about an hour
    and a half. And it’s a slow relaxing drift into the high with a smooth rise
    to the peak and lasts longer. Not like a filthy, harsh bong hit.

  14. R. stretch says:

    wood spoon next time bro

  15. $.....Aces.....$ says:


  16. hightimes2011 says:

    how much kief did you use?

  17. Jerry Lucero says:

    And what did you put a couple of drops of??? Glycerin?? And thanx for the

  18. Jonathan arriaza says:

    So heating up the kief and the honey will activate the tcha to thc right>?
    About how much keif did you add to your solution? would you say 30% keif
    and 50% honey and 20% water? I have about 9 grams of keif and I want to try
    to see if this tincture works. I have been trying to find more information
    but nobody really practices your kind of technique which is what i am
    interested in.

  19. Gia Peters says:

    So can you put this in an ecig?

  20. rick allen says:

    can you vape this

  21. Jerry Lucero says:

    I left a comment on your pvc press video….this one is tought me sumthn
    new too! Fuckn dope! So many ways to use kief! Im using about a half ounce
    of kief! So kief,honey n some water? Thats it? N heat to 22o for how long?

  22. Drew Grow says:

    I do not know if there are any true recipes but I know if you Google eating
    Kief there is a lot of info

  23. localbroadcast says:

    The process of heating the weed to make it orally active is called
    decarboxylation. It happens at a slower rate just from the weed naturally
    drying and aging over time.

  24. drummer4hire12 says:

    I have made herbal vapor liquid out of Glycerin and essential oils for my
    vapor pen….worked awesome!!!…..might work 😉

  25. D Lindsey says:

    Use a candy thermometer because thc reduces as heat rises. Keep it under
    200 degrees. Do you have to keep this chilled?

  26. puppycat412 says:

    when the older “set in stone” and entirely mislead about cannabis people.
    that generation, when they die, there will be no problem with cannabis. 

  27. 7CJMC says:

    I’m so fucking sick of these old people with there old ways thinking pot is
    bad. how bout fix the illegal immigration problem that rape our women and
    crowd our citys instead of blaming pot you lazy fucking american government
    and media. fucking idiots man. how many more years are stupid people
    gonna listen to this stupid bullshit on how pot is bad? stop wasting our
    tax dollars on pointless “drug busts” you fucking idiots, if you didn’t
    want weed in this country from mexico then stop them at the borders! how
    many KIDS made it into america ILLEGALLY since january 2014?….. 52,000+
    KIDS and your trying to make pot look bad. face it stupid america pot is
    gonna be completely legal throughout the U.S. by 2016. WATCH

  28. Chris Franklin says:

    I love my Seattle weed is cool here

  29. Scott Ledger says:

    Making this plant illegal is like saying God made a mistake : Bill Hicks.
    And by the way MSNBC It’s called CANNABIS. It’s been on the planet for
    about 50 million years.

  30. Janna Jones says:

    when was this accually made? she said some shit about pit bulls? are we
    still on that shit? haha

  31. johnnydontdoit says:

    Trish Regan is HOT.

  32. spencer han says:

    I only grow purple kush and blue dream right now.Marijuana bein g kept a
    schedual 1 drug means it has NO medical value.thats a huge lie.look how
    many states are medical legal and two totally legal.

  33. nickert0n says:

    Canada says LOL

  34. Nick Weingartner says:

    they try to make it sound bad but these are all reasons it should be legal

  35. 7CJMC says:

    the medias views really makes people fucking stupid. how do they not know
    how much good comes from weed. fucking cancer will be cured by this plant
    as its doing so now in india

  36. hadibadashi says:

    Propaganda piece from them !

  37. Lauren Endres says:

    i dont get it man they will take you to jail for growing a damn pot plant
    but the farmers that grow tobacco have no problems at all and cigs kill
    more then 400,000 ppl a year.. why arnt they sneeking up on these guys and
    ripping there tabacco plants up.. lol makes no sence.. if you ask me i
    think the feds and the police doing these so called busts are wasting there
    time.. its going to get legalized very soon.. there doing nothing but
    wasting time and a bunch of our tax dollars.. we the ppl will win in the
    end.. we will get what we want.. we make the rules not you guys controlling
    our money and trying to control what we do.. thats not freedom thats

  38. Annon Omis says:

    There is SOOOO much wrong with this show… Misinformation to push their
    agenda… the union:business of getting high. Watch that

  39. DonDiavolo0 says:

    control control control … fuck you … controlling and regulating should
    be classified as a mental illness…
    and they give false informations too… in amsterdam pot isnt legal … its
    been tolerated but not legal, in the whole netherlands… 1A journalism

  40. Happy Gilmore says:

    moss landing is not north of san fransisco

    its in monterey county SOUTH of san Fran.

  41. Chris Franklin says:

    I love my Seattle weed is cool here

  42. B- Dang says:

    @ 3:44 2 of my most fave thing sexy girls lolz

  43. A Horse Named Sadie Productions says:

    George W. Bush was the weed kingpin of the west…?

  44. stratstrangler22 says:

    There Is nothing wrong with growing marijuana or using marijuana. Its a
    known fact most folks love marijuana. Why not legalize it in every state in
    the U.S.? Then there wouldn’t be a cluster of marijuana grows in cali and
    Colorado. They would be spread out across the U.S.. No surprise theirs a
    grow problem. “Its one of the very few places in the U.S. we can go to grow

  45. marieh305 says:

    Where are that family gonna move to the moon,alcohol and class a drugs are
    the real problem.take away the illegal part of cannabis growing and the
    crime rate will go down just look at amsterdam 

  46. Martin Uzunov says:

    22:10 wrong!

    they have a tolerance policy in was alywas illegal and ppl are
    getting arrested to this day. All this BS with the grey area and government
    plays cool as long they get the tax money, but still does some kind of war
    on drugs. lol stupid people.

    legalize it and the world will be a better place.

  47. jared brewer says:

    started from the bottom now were here

  48. KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

    It’s sounds like they are playing it way up on how much pollution there is.
    Maybe they should talk about half of the ocean life dead at the hands of
    These retards talk about pollution from Marijuana but methodically leave
    out the part about it being the reflex of making it illegal.

    People looking at a long stay in prison, that stand to lose everything,
    and having no support from mind slave America… why would they give a

    It’s annoy how these scumbag reporters/journalist spin it like marijuana
    causes these problems. How about quit criminalizing and victimizing people
    over natural plants, natural medicines, and indulgence, then make proper
    channels available for waste management and hefty tickets for those that
    pollute anyways. 

  49. Brad S says:

    15:50 well, legalized it. This is one of the many problems of keeping it
    illegal. I would also encourage the Cali residents to embrace the 2nd
    Amendment (liberty) better than they are currently. 

  50. marieh305 says:

    and before any one puts it i know its not legal to grow in amsterdam,but
    the coffee shops,and the way the police turn a blind eye to it is the way
    to go.