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25 Responses

  1. NzGanja says:

    Over watered let it dry for a few days

  2. matty b says:

    looks like spiders

  3. SleepingYaoGuai says:

    I just recently started growing and my plants leaves are drooping and im
    not sure what to do can someone help me!? please watch my video i just
    recently posted and tell me what u think is wrong i dont want my plant to
    die! 🙁

  4. adam stevenson says:

    im amonth in and there fucking tiny

  5. eondraven says:

    @thaquizler123 this is true but must you be asswhole about it.

  6. BiggieSmalls11111 says:

    @asamayub hahah you type like a 15 yr old girl….holla back when you grow
    a sack

  7. goodkidz says:

    aphids? you need ladybugs. seriously

  8. tomegn says:

    Plant looks root bound,too hot in growroom&never “trim” off the big
    unwanted leaves,these are fan leaves and are essential for
    photosynthesis,only trim late in flowering stage or if they are
    dying..which means you have problems

  9. Ghostly RiderUK says:

    @cheryltiley she will drop m8 for a few days ,just keep spraying her with
    fine water mist about 3 times a day ,and keep under a soft 24 light,she
    should pick up in 4/5 days 🙂 good luck .peace:)

  10. Slow Release says:

    Not enough ligtht u need hps light dep is ur problem your canopy is nice
    the bottom not enough light hps is the best

  11. Bazzil12321 says:

    Yous’a gonna get money 4 that bitch right there.

  12. tyrone hederington says:

    my plant is looking like yours what did u do to fix it my plant leaves are
    very droope can u tell me what u did

  13. pinkyandthebrain3366 says:

    I was hacked

  14. BSB8484 says:

    yea its a male

  15. greghuntley says:

    coming from a girl who is a rooookey you guys might be mistakin because i
    have five strains and all of them are in there own little world i have fan
    and heat and nutrients plus all the good things being suggested. most of
    mine are kicking butay six out of thirty have the same problems metioned.
    so … i think its all about the type of strain your growing hey im only
    speaking from experience and my vagina love you men gardeners

  16. UrbanMarketingTeam says:

    air throw a high power fan . not to much though and give it pure ph water
    with only oxgen in it (Liqued) and try a co2 booster.

  17. Elijah fox says:

    i highly agree man, people like this that think they can just grow weed
    anywhere with the wrong stuff. theres work that goes into that shit man
    think of growing as raising a child. You would not want your child to have
    have a shitty living envirement and the wrong types of foods because the
    child would have a lot of stress and problems just like your weed plant
    will have a tremendis amount of stress on it if not using the right Air
    flow, tempature, and nutrients. to do it right you need real

  18. afroman133 says:

    shees a mannn loll

  19. JNpMusic says:

    @BiggieSmalls11111 fuck knws what ur on about homie. and where the F u come
    from anyway? KNOB

  20. Hayden Craft says:

    @norcalhempapers nevermind the plant was doing great and it died,i had it
    in a window and it was nice and then i moved it into a closet with a 25wat
    light and it must have ben too hot and the leaves all curled at the ends
    and got dry,so i threw the plant out

  21. TheFirstLiquidVideos says:

    @woolley15 i have used AN and Miracle grow the only difference AN burns the
    plants a bit, miracle leaves a bad taste if not flushed properly, but its
    dirt cheap and AN does make your plants bigger all around but comparing the
    prices there is a big difference your setup should resemble your budget,
    and yes miracle grow can be used dont listen to dipshits who spew nonsense
    they heard over the internet.

  22. TheMikengd says:

    J U S T B U Y I T R E A D Y.

  23. KvTrainor1234 says:

    wait until your soil gets dry. stick your finger in the soil and if it is
    still wet then dont water it. wait until it is completely dry than water it

  24. Bobby Ingram says:

    Dont trim the big leaves. Your plant can use the nutes and move them to
    where she needs them, also by the long spacing between nodes it looks like
    you need MORE light GL

  25. ThESToNeDSTuDeNT says:

    looks like ur plant killed itself at the bottom