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  1. Jorge Cervantes says:

    Transplanting and managing the root zone is super basic to cannabis health
    and well being. Also, you might want to check the pH of the soil and in
    some cases, the salt (Na) content, especially if it contains much manure.
    Salt really builds up!

  2. Jorge Cervantes says:

    Thanks for the great response to this video! Potting soil and transplanting
    are super important. Please share this video with everybody! 

  3. horatio headyreviews says:

    horatio headyreviews} CAN I SAY
    accessibility and quality- Two factors that greatly slow my
    recovery effort, with the use of cannabis. The home-grown cannabis I use to
    medicate(outdoor, landrace; more than likely indica-dominate), is
    more-often than-not, overpowering and probably used for appetite, sleep.
    Albeit, however, it is FRIGGIN AWESOME. Wait, holy shit, you
    mean cannabis isn’t a go to treatment for addicts In recovery?! Organic,
    non-addictive, and good for you, yep. Your body is genetically engineered
    to receive and distribute cannabinoids. EndoCannabinoids are being produced
    inside yourself as you are reading this. Due to my locale, I am at a
    disadvantage, unable to obtain/possess the strains that would be most
    beneficial for my personal war against opioids. Depending upon your method
    of ingesting cannabis, strain, organic-state(hash, bho, rso, kief,) you
    will experience varying beneficial medicinal relief. I couldn’t imagine how
    freeing it must be to have access to these medicines, to experience
    near-normality that cannabis can offer a person with my affliction. Opioids
    and synthetic opioids used in treatment have damaged my kidneys, severely
    affected the condition of my heart, and other major organs. I sincerely
    believe my quality of life, and many others as well, would improve to a
    constant functional state undoubtedly, when cannabis can be accessed and
    applied. If you have taken the time to read this, please let me add;
    Cannabis can help. It will help. I promise there does exist a strain that
    suits every problem that hinders your progress. I also recommend edibles,
    highly. If only I had access to the strains, the hashes, the oils, the
    proper medicines that are so easily attainable in other parts of the
    country, I could more accurately navigate my path to health/recovery, a
    path I could share with people who suffer. Cannabis is a great alternative
    to treatments that can poison your body, poison your life. Cannabis heals,
    naturally, literally, heals you. Thanks for all the informative literature
    you’ve produced and all the years of activism. Nearly everything I know of
    growing and garden maintenance hails from your grow-guides I purchased from
    Hightimes in the mid 90’s in my mid to late teens. live long and prosper.

  4. PrincessAloeVera says:

    uh oh. i used just foxfarm to start the seedlings.. I thought i heard the
    pH was good with the Foxfarm.. So I guess I go to garden store and get…
    what? a meter and some corrective liquids… are these items expensive?
    im scraping thru this project.. i got all kinds of supplies, i guess i
    will need to do pH testing and correcting..

  5. The Brotherhood says:

    Lame, you are not mixing soil, you are mixing brands. Why don’t you teach
    how to make our own soil. WE dont have any of these brands outside US.

  6. rghands711 says:

    I use a cement mixer I bought from Harbor Freight to mix my soil. $199
    investment but mixes perfectly! Hope this helps! Great video Jorge and
    thanks for all the information all these years!

  7. the420ninja1 says:

    Great video,when I mix hydroton in with my soil I give them a good clean
    first,can see the dirty orange colour run off them,might help with the dust
    next time ,just a thought for the main man,your grow bible was my first
    book when I started growing,still top of the pile ,peace from UK

  8. YugiohCardMaster512 says:

    Do i still need to feed the plant nutrients or does the soil have all the
    nutrients needed for its life?

  9. MMMGrower says:

    Roots has gone down hill over the years. So many insects its been gross. My
    buddy who owns a chain of shops here in Mass will only have it in stock if
    requested before hand.

    Black Gold has been a lifesaver.

  10. Masanobu Fukuoka says:

    In soil, element transportation have the most importance. Stuffing all that
    aeraded organic mixture heavily into pots and adding any chemical
    furtilizer is crime against cannabis. Flushing takes more time and most of
    that precious chemicals you bought are just wasted. Might be sad for
    fertilizer companies but composted crap is best stymulator. Also 100%
    healthy for you PEACE!

  11. Jorge Rivera says:

    I was told by a grow shop 0wner that Black Gold is garbage for growing, he
    even gave me a free bag of F’F Ocean Forest and told me to stay away from
    black gold products. So my question is black gold all purpose potting soil
    bad because i no natural and organic is safe to grow with and for
    consumption but wat about all purpose, i cant find a answer to this if u
    can answer yes or no can u explain y its bad or good.

  12. jay bone says:

    at 2:19 that beast mode stem stopped that rake like a brick wall.
    Growers talent fur sure

  13. Ed Michrina says:

    Look into azomite. It adds all the minerals that plants need. Its great for
    wheat grass and veggies< It puts all the good stuff that our soil is depleted. I even put it on my front grass to green it up without using chemicals. I have no ties to the azomite and its hard to find but works great. give those plants a boost with only a few scoops. Nice video.

  14. motonegros says:

    The Mr.Rogers of weed growing….

  15. MrBowser83 says:

    Jorge I know you’re a pro but I highly recommend you try Fox Farm Happy
    Frog soil. One bag of it plus 3 cups of that Ancient Forrest you’re using
    and 2 cups of worm casting along with 2 tbsp of Oregonism Xl or Great
    White. Makes an excellent medium for cannabis. Thank you for your videos

  16. Danny Dinglehoff says:

    My question to you Jorge is are you using this as a base mix and then
    periodically amending it with organic fertilizers at the various stages of
    the plants life? Thanks for your time!

  17. Jorge Cervantes says:
  18. Touch of Class (3ce%er) says:

    Jorge Cervantes, demonstrating how to mix a good soil batch to achieve
    maximum Growth, This man is a legend and knows his shit, Thank you Jorge
    Cervantes for sharing your knowledge.

  19. jdizzilicious says:

    aahhhh no hydroton use black cinder or grow stones…… fuck hydroton but
    you are a master grower reguardless

  20. 34jbernard says:

    so elegant and soft spoken, love your videos very relaxing to watch
    thanks fro the videos, on one last note any chance you will be visiting
    the surrounding counties visiting the best outdoor medical gardens similar
    to the videos a few years back thank you again

  21. jay bone says:

    Jorge pulled out the black gold and lighted up like you seen your first

  22. MrTheBigM says:

    Thanks Jorge, You’ re a legend. Nothing better than good ol’ touching the
    food of your plants with bare hands to feel all that precious nutricious
    power :)

  23. Tartan Vaper says:

    Its so good to see you in new videos Jorge, thanks for all your info and
    wisdom, you are a living legend, we love you!!

  24. puppup zera says:

    your very easy to watch so happy and lade back

  25. TimeTraveler says:

    Awesome! Captain crunch berry soil!!! lol. Great video Mr. Cervantes, thank