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25 Responses

  1. Jeremey Romero says:

    Where did you get the seeds?

  2. victor Madero says:

    *”Until Its time”~Nice

  3. marco hernandez says:

    600 watt or 1000watt bulbs??

  4. D1AMONDEY3S says:

    What’s the new channel, yo?

  5. anusjuice69 says:

    dude i love your videos

  6. mussaroman says:

    How do you get huge buds like that ,my grow didnt have big buds like that i
    didnt make shit for bud

  7. YamahaTricks says:

    I started growing in my 6×3 closet at the start of high school to senior
    year probally pounds out of that good ol thing

  8. lsantovenia says:

    what are good nuttrients for seedling rooted i got organic soil and seed
    starting potting mix…

  9. jethrowjj says:

    what watts are your lights i have a closet it 5x2x8feet tall is that good
    for a 600watt lamp……. have you ever heard of a hydroponics store in
    mississuga called iponic zone?

  10. 3gmatt1 says:

    google “buy cannabis seeds”. its perfectly legal to buy and own seeds, but
    illegal to geminate and cultivate.

  11. gloriaisgood98 says:


  12. derp hurp says:

    Stop acting smug. You didn’t win shit. His comment was hilarious because it
    pissed at least ONE guy. aka you. Stop being butthurt.

  13. Nyax says:

    if your growing in a closet where to you vent the air to?

  14. lauenerg says:

    Get a sodium light

  15. Demetrius Joseph says:

    Sweet set up. This may be a dumb question, but what do you use the
    transition ducts for and how did ya install em? and how much does co2 cost
    you and how long does it last? and how many ounces did those 5 plants on
    the left produce?

  16. Cole PackBowls says:

    did u really just asked that.

  17. imhereyadig08 says:

    You guys are fucking liars who talk just to talk, this guy works for high
    times now he had an interview 2 months ago with them about liquid thc

  18. BarryCam NeverGetBusted says:

    To everyone growing….. watch Barry Cooper’s NEVERGETBUSTED DVDs…. U can
    thank me later… who better to advise us on how to stay safe.. but a
    FORMER narcotics officer.

  19. Jerry Coronado says:

    how many seedn per buked why so much per part how long deas it take on a 12
    and 12

  20. Matthew Latchem says:

    Did you get funny looks when you bought all those fans?

  21. patrick jackson says:

    man I like the plants..people must be saying you have the best green thumb
    out there..also your plants look great.

  22. SpiffyBmx says:

    was anyone surprised when it was only two plants?

  23. MultiLossi says:

    how much is all that in cash?

  24. liamorocks says:

    how is he a crack head? its marijuana, not crack cocaine…

  25. eteck1980 says:

    what is your | NEW name?