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25 Responses

  1. Daft Decker says:

    Other than the failed grow, everything you built is very impressive! That’s
    most the most astonishing first-time grow setup i’ve seen.

  2. jaime okhuysen says:

    Temperature in the reservoir was too high.
    Try adding some hydrogen peroxide (35% will do) at a ratio of 0.5ml/l to
    prevent pythium and other fungi infections. Algae is not bad, but dying
    algae decomposes and fungi feeds on it.
    As other have said, put more Air bubblers in it. A rule of thumb is having
    1Watt of power per gallon in the reservoir.

  3. D Guy says:

    Get rid of the top feed, or dont have directly on stock, proper drying
    period is needed rockwool should be moist not soggy at all times. Have
    water level below basket so the bubbles can make hydroton wet thus making
    the bottom or rockwool wet. I say water level should be 1 inch above basket
    but 2inches away from rockwool. Just until your roots reach out the basket 

  4. gottimetimestp says:

    Hahaha nice work ricky. Squirrels piss in your pots or something?

  5. M Loch says:

    This is really cool that you shared this! Most people dont want to ever
    admit failure. This is why I know next time you will come back stronger!
    Your determined. Some great attributes you have there.

    In honesty, and I am yet to even do my first grow so what do I know, but
    using experience from other parts of my life I think maybe you started too
    big. I dunno maybe try 5 plants first? 3? I dunno, what do the more
    experienced guys think.
    I just stand by the KISS protocol. Keep it Simple Stupid. I think you
    broke that here down to your lack of experience? You agree, disagree.

    All the best for your next grow!

  6. Newbie Grower says:

    Theory816- This cost me about $13000 Canadian not including my labour 

  7. Grow Bayda 253 says:

    Your plants died because the temperature in the root zone you want to keep
    it between 65 and 80 degrees at I think 80 is too high but that’s what they
    say I would keep it 65 to 72 degrees and you will have success lots of
    oxygen can’t go wrong keep the light away from the water black reservoirs
    are better than white it blocks heat and maybe you should get a air
    conditioner you want to keep your room between 72 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit
    didn’t see you had one in there good set up keep it going grow on

  8. Bruce Wayne says:

    Ha ha hahaha!. I spent $200 US, in my freshman grow &$100 of that was in
    seeds. Then i upgraded after the trial & error!

  9. idonthatebabies says:

    What do you think went wrong?

    How did your next batch go? What did you change?

  10. MrSound08 says:

    They didn’t like your music,, only joking, you will get there in the end,
    hope it works out for you. Think it’s something to do with your water.. And
    over watering,

  11. keagan mcfearless says:


  12. david quintana says:

    Tragic. Hydroponic is the fastest way to go. And you can really see any
    effect of changes you make , fast. Sorry for your loss man.. But I bet by
    now you got your skills all lined up… Shine on… Peace.

  13. darbley ittle says:

    are u brad booth???

  14. yoyofargo says:

    You could, instead of terminating the drip hose at a cut, add a tee fitting
    and then a four or five inch ring of 1/4 soaker hose around each plant.
    Bury the hose two inches or so beneath the hydroton. Notice that algae?
    That’s because the wet hydroton is exposed to light, and algae loves both
    water and light. This also could have contributed to the root rot, because
    it likes water and light too.

    It’s important to consider the air quality for the plants too. All of that
    root rot and algae gets into the res from the air. You can’t see it, but
    it’s in the air all the time. An ionizer would help. (UV ionizers or a
    needlepoint one like an hf200 would work) Ionizers assist plants in their
    growth directly, as well as kill any floating life that’s small enough to
    be killed by static shock. No, it won’t harm the terpenes; it’s a little
    different from ozone. It’s also just good for plants, because they use the
    electricity from the ions. Extremely good at preventing molds and mildews
    too, and you don’t want that on your bud.

    Happy growing!

  15. Fatsacks Allday says:

    Great looking room, it’s a shame it didn’t work out. Hope it goes well for
    u the next go around.

    I will say tho you hung up ur gavitas incorrectly. They should be mounted
    90 degrees from where there are now to get the maximum spread. :)

  16. Tony Nguyen says:

    Nice fucking set up! My guess is the drip hose, all the plants are messed
    up right there. Just take that drip hose out, get an air pump and some air
    stones and make it a DWC. You basic got that’s set up already. 

  17. manfickdichdochmitdeinem namen says:

    if the water is runnin 24/7 shut it off during dark period . or even 1 h on
    1 h off during lighttime off in dark period.keep it well ballanced if nt
    gets warm jut freeze some bottles of water and dump it in .greetz growmac

  18. Reno3945 says:

    that is a fucking amazing set up……wow…

  19. none of your business says:

    Watch I grow chronic 

  20. Veronica Saldana says:

    Wow-I like ur style. I look forward to more videos from you

  21. Newbie Grower says:

    Hey Droopy90807! Yes it was an expensive set up after I was done. I
    don’t like doing stuff half assed and I like room to move. Check out my
    latest video where I had some success finally. 

  22. thagrit says:

    Have you considered using ebb and flow rather than drip? It reoxygenates
    the roots when the buckets drain. I find it easier to use than drip. Wait
    till your skinny drip lines crust up to no flow.

  23. Futurescped says:

    Amazing room and failed that must of hurt

  24. Allmightmac says:

    2 things i would do keep all ur irragation lines in the open access areas
    for easy access for cleaning in case of a clog… 2 looks like the roots
    werent get enough air… if they roted like they did… 4 inch air stones
    in each dwc that stay located at the bottom will fix this problem…more
    oxigen flowing threw the roots should not make them rot… also think about
    changing ur reflector to the ones with glass and air vents dasiy chain them
    all together and vent outta room this will help a lot with heat issues/
    root rot/ and ur nutruient res temps/burning ur plants when they grow to be
    5-6 feet tall in those 5 gallon buckets

  25. Benjamin Goldstein says:

    Have you thought about trying drip rings around each plant to keep water
    away from the stalk? Attach a T adapter, make a circle of hose around the
    plant and put holes in the hose every inch or so pointing down towards the