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8 Responses

  1. TooDabbed says:

    damn dude I had no Idea thats how to use a PPM meter Im really happy you
    posted this!

  2. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I use the drops to test my pH – and it’s pretty standard procedure to
    correct the city water… but I’ve had Cal/Mag deficiencies and need to be
    more precise with my nutrients.

  3. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I’m certain that once I get the nutrient measurements confirmed with the
    PPM meter, then I’ll eye-ball it again – I’m more lazy than stupid.. so I’m
    all for making it easier.

  4. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yeh – well, his price for the PPM meter was near what I saw on Amazon, so
    I’ll bite the bullet and keep learning –

  5. ChiliBuTube says:

    agreed K.I.S.S. methodology for everything we do, from raising our own
    food/animals to work projects and the like I keep it simple cause I am
    stupid, lol but seriously Joey the only tip I have is to return yours to
    the store like I did.

  6. 420mFuk says:

    Not really needed enless your going hydro, pH meter much more important.

  7. todizzle666 says:

    not trying to hate but u coulda found a better one on ebay for much cheaper
    but im not sure if u run soil or dwc or some other form of hydro?

  8. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I just paid $70 for a PPM tester, and I want to know what you think about
    the Greenhouse Advice I received on using this PPM tester to grow bigger
    and better marijuana plants.

    How to use a hand-held dissolved solids tester, or dissolved solids meter,
    home weed grow op.

    A TDS tester is critical when growing marijuana.

    Cannabis growers all over the world monitor nutrient levels in roughly the
    same way—by measuring total dissolved solids in the growing solution.
    Growers often examine a simple ratio known as parts per million PPM). High
    concentrations of nutrients increase the solution’s electrical conductivity

    Total dissolved solids readings help to indicate when it’s time to add