How to Trim, Manicure and Harvest Cannabis

Please Subscribe 🙂 Here’s a little video tutorial on how to trim your buds (sugar leafs) and preparing them for the curing process. Like the trimmers I’m us…

For more information, visit: In this video I’m showing you how I trim my cannabis plants. Trimming could encourage the growth…
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48 Responses

  1. Neil Williams says:

    What happens to the offcuts? Are they waste?

  2. mrez1991 says:

    before trimming should the buds be dipped in a bath of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of any dust particles? if its an outdoor grow
    any feedback appreciated

  3. Randy Cclain says:

    blah blah blah…cut the damn bud already!!!

  4. BurnoutPJ says:

    pm me i got a few questions

  5. abrooks2152 says:

    great video hommie. really helpful good shit.

  6. abrooks2152 says:

    bag appeal is why u trim, plus helps dry.

  7. Jason Tokesalot says:

    should never man handle the buds that much, even during comparisons, use a pop bottle or some thing to that nature.

  8. Jason Tokesalot says:

    cannabis is a annual plant, so yes you kill the plant when you harvest. 🙂

  9. Marcio Silva says:

    A question: Why to trim the leaves if it contains THC? What´s the reason?

  10. Guy Baldridge says:

    The old saying was “no stems no seeds that you don’t need Acapulco Gold is ssssss bad azz weed” 😉

  11. evan paassen says:

    do you kill the plant when you cut the strains? or will the plant keep groing after you cut the budds off

  12. 420squeeg says:

    Stems DO have THC on them, but not very much. They’re still good for extracting. But yea, don’t smoke ’em.

  13. cleo keem says:

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  15. bobbi sumky says:

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  16. pat nasty says:

    just terrible

  17. robeert kj says:

    ima noob wats a fan leave lol

  18. calibomber209 says:

    Two days dry then into jars?? That will make moldy buds. U should slow dry buds at least 2 weeks to dry then jar them for 7 days wo opening then burp as needed. Give noobs good advice cuz the dry/ cure process will make or break someone’s entire grow.

  19. martin taylor says:

    why does my bud plants get bits of brown on tha tips of tha leafs????? my smallest plant gets brown leafs but tha bigger ones closer to tha light ent got brown leafs anyone no why??????

  20. edmondo mondo says:

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  21. sprintnking says:

    I know that it’s good to keep the sugar leaves for butter and such. But, do you also keep fan leaves for butter?

  22. DJ Luna says:

    Please forgive me, but here’s a really stupid question from a first timer… so why would u cut off all the good stuff in one phase? I mean, aren’t those nice leaves gonna wrap around the bud?

  23. mmjganja says:

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  26. Blake Shamp says:

    I don’t think he was trying to divert energy from the branches he didn’t cut, if so then I agree it’s stupid. I thought he was cutting the leaves back around that stem to get more light in there to give the new stems/leaves a head start.

  27. MrCroky123 says:

    A professional runner with no arms would still perform better than a 260 pound regular guy. Here the question is what you’re aiming for. Under natural circumstances and without being handled by man, the plant doesn’t produce that much resin and THC. It’s techniques like this, that turn a 260 pound fatso into a full THC world record producer. Even without arms …

  28. MrCroky123 says:

    I’ve been trying to get good and consistent info about trimming and this is just an excellent video. The best !

    Thank you !!!

    Just one question. About the fan leaves: Can all the upper fan leaves be cut ? I mean, on a plant just like in the video, how many fan leaves would be left intact ?

    Thanks again !

  29. Bhanu Pillay says:

    Yeah, the plant doesn’t grow where the light hits. The plant just absorbs light then spreads out teh groeth

  30. Bhanu Pillay says:

    You spelt “I’m a cunt” wrong

  31. MCAlkaMC says:

    Cutting the stem is called topping and yes, it makes the side branches develop more. However, cropping (cutting random leaves) is BULLSHIT. people randomly guess that the plant’s energy would be more focused on developing branches that were not cut off. The problem is, this very energy is created by the leafs that this guy cut off.

  32. Blake Shamp says:

    I don’t even think he knows what super cropping is…The branch will split and form 2 branches opposed to the ONE that was there…So TWO branches with TWICE as many leaves is better than one branch..He said himself every single *leaf helps the whole plant develop…Then he calls this dude for creating more leaves? He snipped a few in the process but the outcome is worth it that’s why people who know what they’re doing do it.

  33. Blake Shamp says:

    That was a painfully stupid analogy, I’m not a plant so I don’t understand why you would compare super cropping a PLANT to cutting a human arm. Also I think you completely missed the point of the video…When he removed the stem and then cut to make more room for the new leaves that would form he was doing it because it will then split and make two branches and twice as many leaves for flowers, photosynthesis and growth. You said yourself leaves help every part of the plant, so more is better…

  34. Mr TripAlot says:

    You’re an idiot.

  35. Ako Gerald says:



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  36. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    This whole time I was staring at his feet.

  37. Elija Montgomery-Smith says:

    Did you ever do that?

  38. Elija Montgomery-Smith says:

    It’s not completely about that, it’s also about triggering a reflex in the plants to grow a certain way, up or out. At least that’s my understanding, I’m still learning, that’s why I’m watching Youtube tutorials.

  39. WSNmin says:


  40. xpeacemaster says:

    Id rather have big top nugs then a lot of airy little bottom branch nugs

  41. xpeacemaster says:

    yeah, its probably 90% of the reason why i choose to chop my lower 1/8th producing branches

  42. TH3C1PH3R says:

    A little low stress training would allow you to keep more of the foliage.

  43. talginlvl90 says:

    is it possible to clone from the trimmings?

  44. talginlvl90 says:

    or you could cut off the bigger leaves and it will make new branches grow from them

  45. storre says:

    I took some clones from a lemon skunk that was in it’s 2nd week of flowering. I forgot to give the clones more than 12hrs of light in the first few weeks after cloning. Now they are getting almost 24hr of light but do you think they will reveg? It looks like they are and the flowering has stopped but I’m just not sure if they can reveg after that.

  46. Jaye05 says:

    You’re absolutely correct…I know..because I’ve done it. True, we all learned about photosynthesis in 4th grade; however, allowing the sun to reach the growth on the lower stems – by trimming the larger leaves – will do nothing but increase the yield. In an effort to avoid flogging a dead horse, the process of trimming the inside branches of fruit trees is a relatively new procedure yet orchardists have proven it to be a successful way in producing, not only a larger fruit, but more of it.

  47. keirus69 says:

    yeah, I used to think that.. until I started defoliating.. if its done right.. it does increase yields.. 

  48. elena banky says:

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