How To Transplanting Cannabis Plants – A Beginners Guide

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Transplanting marijuana into larger pots 01

Sarah Flowers shows you how to transplant your growing marijuana seedling into a larger container.
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48 Responses

  1. Kenneth Parmar says:

    im on my second week of my automated grow. have been feeding it nothing but water but have read up that after the second week u should add nutrients… i have these small yellow balls/ seeds my friend gave me he said it would work if i sprinkled it around the plant and just put some water on it…. i currently am in bangkok thailand so im trying to figure out the best nutrients/e tc i can use for my pant.

  2. me53914 says:

    Thanks for the reply, I didn’t know so soon the stalk is only the size of a toothpick.

  3. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    like a month ago!

  4. me53914 says:

    Oh and I have to ask, I have a skunk strain and it’s pretty tall I couldn’t put measurement on it but I would say about 10 or 12 inches, it has 2 tier of leaves not including the round leaves in the middle of the stalk, it’s in a red solo cup, hen do you think it’s time to transplant?

  5. me53914 says:

    I wouldn’t be too rough with your plants,you could stress it or worse kill it.

  6. lindag j-l says:

    How old should seedlings be when they are transplanted? Thanks! Beautiful plant!!:)

  7. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    i use 6.3-6.5 in soil 

  8. mo mo says:

    what ph do you think is best

  9. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    sounds like your light might be too far away. move it closer but not so close as to burn the plant.

  10. amari7140 says:

    A mr.tight I have a plant that only has two leave the other ones haven’t came out it jst keeps getting taller wats wrong wit it

  11. malignantpoodle says:

    Depends upon age/size/even strain of plants. Some people say 1 gallon per foot tall. Others say 1 gallon per month of life. Honestly, most of the time that’s overkill. I’ve seen 5 foot huge plants in 3 gallon pots that were NOT rootbound at harvest.

  12. Fender0nfire says:

    mr tight how often do you transplant through out the grow?

  13. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    only water plants when they feel light when you pick them up.remember what they feel like dry then water and lift again to remember how heavy that is. never water on a schedule and each container is different as to how much water it needs .the type of medium your using too could dictate how much water you need.i water till a little drips out the bottom and then stop.experiment with small amounts of water and give the plants more if they seem to dry out too quickly.only by lifting will you know

  14. ILoveyouSarge says:

    ok so, once they go into flowering do u water then or just before they go into flower room?

    also… how much water,… i read somewhere never go over 200ml every 3 days, …. ?

  15. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    yes i transplant when its time to water.that way i can water then into the fresh new soil.

  16. joe woods says:

    Do you have to dry out your soil before transplanting ?

  17. pghdave420 says:

    hey whats up mr. tight.ive watched alot of your vids and subscribed.i just transplanted my 4 day old seedling to fox farms soil cause it was just in some back yard dirt.i have it under 3000 lumens (2 6500kcfls).its drooping little bit is that just from the transplant?should i check them in like 3 hours to see if they lift back up and not worry so much cause i just transplanted them?

  18. oliverjackhenke says:

    Very useful video! I was nervous about it before seeing this too

  19. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    3-7 gallon for flower is good. your choice.

  20. jflood2562 says:

    Wats a good size pots

  21. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    the male pollenates the female and the female grows buds with seeds in them then.remove the males and you will have no seeds.unless your a breeder or doiung a breeding project remove the males ASAP and kill them.they have no value what so ever.its a sad situation but its part of growing.Lollipopping is when you remove 1/3 of the bottom growth from the plant and leave the top resembles a lollipop when done right.this helps grow a better plant up top where the light refocuses energy

  22. TheViverlin says:

    what is lolipoping? im new to growing and stuff. i also wanted to know how can i get seeds from a male and a feamle plant, do i need to keep them toghther all the time or a espesific time?

  23. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    let the soil dry out and try not to over water again.some plants recover slowly after a overwatering.some never recover fully.

  24. bling blong says:

    Hey Mr. Tight I got another question. Here’s my predicament. 2 week old plant. I transplanted and gave a very diluted feeding. The pots they’re in are kinda big for the seedlings progress. The leaves have cupped under like a upside down bowl. I understand this could be due to the excess water or too close to the light. 1000 watt mh. I keep the fan on when the light is on. Should I remove the plant from the wet soil since it doesn’t seem to be using the water? Or just let it ride? Thank you.

  25. dave rutigliano says:

    Ya dude man that was very helpfull. thanx much.

  26. paul barboza says:

    I feel like it’s going to not live how do I maintain it

  27. Bungeidiots7 says:


  28. Will Gibbs says:

    How old were the plants before you transplanted them?

  29. Peter Hamilton says:

    Way to make things way more difficult then it needed to be plus u don’t want to let your new ladies sleep in sitting water. Fan leave start curling up way to much IMHO

  30. aaaaaaaaaaaadddd says:

    Have you ever read that the maurijuana can also be use as food purposes other than recreational use and many more.

  31. deprofundis says:

    what this woman is doing is illegal,immoral and a sin.

  32. MaximumTheRage says:

    lol this comment killed me +1 WildLifer

  33. MaximumTheRage says:

    you are an idiot, as Alex has said it has Medical benefits thats a proven undisputable fact. Let alone the thousands of other uses for it aswell. Its because of narrow minded individuals such as yourself, that gives this plant its bad reputation. Yes people abuse it, just like people abuse alcohol or medicinal pills. Does marijuana kill like alcholo? how about tobacco? no. the reason most of the usa outlaws marijuana is not because of its effects. Its because of Tabacco and Alcohol companies.

  34. bling blong says:

    A teaspoon of clorox would do fine. A half a cup is too much.

  35. cory patterson says:

    I took my seeds that popped the other day n didn t want to throw out the rest so I put them in a small pot n now I have 20 seedling in a small jiffy pot how can I transplant em without killing them all plz help this has never happen in 10 yrs of growin

  36. Alex Jones says:

    Marijuana has medical benefits. Plus, I’m sure you’re not straight edge yourself. 😉

  37. WildLifer SE says:

    Have you ever thought about talking to a doctor about your cranial rectal impaction syndrome?

  38. seine dame says:

    already doing so too, i grow all kinds of plants aside the marijuana, vegetables, herbs, trees and flowers.

  39. glitch517 says:

    I love plants of all kinds….Sarah is my “dream girl” : )

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  41. ken14850 says:

    every time you push the plant down like at 2:15 your breaking roots

  42. DrOfWelshMagic says:

    a friend and i have made video about re potting, (drpotalotofgreen) slightly different procedure tho, nice work as always. respect.

  43. DrOfWelshMagic says:

    get a grip you saddo, drug use???? uneducated, misinformed fool that you are!!!! i pity you…

  44. LongArmsOfTheLaw says:

    whats the best soil mixture?

  45. Chuck Ramey says:

    After watching youre videos my mind is whirling with the information youve provided and I look forward to getting started….smiles here….as for some of the other comments made surely manners were not instilled and hopefully with age they will realize that you are helping others.

  46. NIGHTCRAWLER504 says:


  47. dr Cannabis says:

    check out my frozen widow from them on my channel

  48. secondplace88 says:

    Nice video its important to transplant carefully…Where do you get your seeds? I get mine from Kush-central