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  1. Drew Grow says:

    Your right. Will work on one 🙂

  2. Metallica7791 says:

    you should make a video on how to grow start to finish

  3. Metallica7791 says:

    great informative video, I always thought when the trichomes were amber is
    when it was ready, good to know that it changes the effect of it

  4. joe le says:

    yea this guy is right, you can’t wait to long to harvest because your weeds
    get to fluffy and you lose most of the thc

  5. Drew Grow says:

    Thank you! I tried to make videos to get even a first time grower all the
    way threw start to finish. It is all very easy once you know the basics 🙂

  6. Keara Green says:

    love the video,really helpful…..thanks!

  7. Billie Dabs says:

    amber trichomes are THC converting to CBN, i thought?

  8. SRtWeNtytUrBo faSt says:

    kermit the frog

  9. jonny rotten says:

    Want chronic original genetics? Find a friendly native American! Thank me

  10. Phillip Buys says:

    definitely, only problem with a decent “plant” is if it’s a male you’re
    shit outta luck, but besides that totally. my setup cost me $20 at most lol
    ! and all 3 my girls are now flowering beautifully

  11. Drew Grow says:

    The answer is Yes. I noticed you said plant and that makes it much easier.
    I do not use CO2 myself because I am not investing in a commercial grow. It
    does yield about 30% more per plant.. Do not cut corners on soil and
    nutrients.At least do the Lucas formula and us a real soil like Fox
    Farms,Happy Frog or Sunshine mix. A bad soil has wood in it and sometimes
    even cow manure. You can simply use CFL bulbs like in some of my videos.
    Later consider getting a T-5 light system under $100

  12. kevin mouring says:

    is it possible to grow a decent plant without spending hundreds of dollars
    on huge lights and air systems?

  13. sublime1900 says:

    Marijuana is a dirty word. Please refrain from using it m’kay.

  14. lastpatriot4America says:

    Everytime I grow I learn something new. This is true. just depends on what
    kind of high you want.

  15. SinnNorth says:

    i hear ya on that.

  16. J.R. Collins says:

    Wish I was couch locked lol Dam Jonzing today… Come on USA make this shit
    legal, I am tired of giving Mexicans my USA hard earned cash…

  17. SinnNorth says:

    i’m couch locking hard. took me 5 min to type this.. .

  18. Drew Grow says:

    Everything about growing is easy. It is just a matter of getting down the
    basics. But let me know if ever you have a question 🙂

  19. meghan00851 says:

    Great vid. Loved it. Very informative n helpful to someone who is
    harvesting for the 1st time. A BIG thanx n much appreciation

  20. dubsity280 says:

    how does that even make sense if you have more than one plant in a pot how
    will you grow a decent plant if the plants are fighting for room for the
    root growth…then ya have one plant choking the others out…its a stupid
    idea plus plant a shit load incase of males lmao some people just dont know
    there ass from there elbow hahahah..stop giving advice you advice sucks

  21. chris ramirez says:

    you sound like the dale the guy from pinnapple express lol pinchee stoner

  22. Drew Grow says:

    Outdoors the roots can travel in any direction though so there is still no
    limitation on root growth. Look at a pack of vegetable seeds in a store.
    The instructions will give the minimum distance the seeds should be planted
    from each other. It is true what you said about plants in the wild
    plant,they grow fine too. But if you went to a area of wild corn growing
    lets say and thinned out the plants as seedlings I bet the plants in the
    thinned out area would bear more weight in corn

  23. MPeasant says:

    so why in the wild do they grow side by side …

  24. MPeasant says:

    sorry 24 hr light on..until by eye there’s enuff foliage to take some

  25. MPeasant says:

    if u one day grow…that seed ..and ya like arghhhh i didnt take a cutting
    ..when its ready to harvest only remove main buds ..then try too regenerate
    by putting it it back into veg go for a eye, when its ready ..then
    take some cuttings

  26. tedxc0re says:

    I had some Buddha’s Sister about…. 7 years ago…. Holy fuck, time is
    passing by us fast.

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  31. NecKClippA says:

    So ingesting it, like making cookies is the way to go?

  32. wukilla11 says:

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  33. NecKClippA says:

    What is the difference between Cannabis Oil and smoking Cannabis when it
    comes to the medical benefits to treating cancer? I really appriciate
    answer, and sources

  34. orange clad says:

    The cure that is pure! No added anything! Nature made!

  35. shawn perry says:

    it’s kool that you an your bro went own ways but you guys should still do
    redband episode once in awhile…?

  36. Martin Castillo says:

    Can i take a hit

  37. Justin Spencer says:

    no thank you officer

  38. MrJx15 says:

    Why are all these cops tryna get people to buy weed from them

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  41. FILYyy100 says:

    Awsome video bro, keep blazing

  42. JenkyBoom says:

    damn, that was a monster hit. cheers!!

  43. CJ Rainn says:


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  45. Dideyedoit Baxter says:

    rock on dude

  46. Riley Bickford says:

    ive noted you local DEA agency of your attempted sale of these horrendous

  47. lousyjesus says:

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  48. joe trask says:

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