How To: Smoke tricks- French Inhale, Smoke Rings,

No weed is being consumed in the filming of this video :). Who’d like to see some Xbox and PlayStation trolling videos?

A BEGINNER’S Guide For Smoking MARIJUANA – *Weed Smokers Only* ▻▻◅◅ Do You Want Marijuana Legalized? If you’ve been paying attenti…
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32 Responses

  1. Agung Sony says:

    “No weed is being consumed in the filming of this video” you dont eat it
    dude, you blaze it feggit :)

  2. SliC3oFicE says:

    Never had a problem with Ghost inhales, just finally figured out how to
    blow rings. Idiot friends kept telling me to inhale xD

  3. Elena Rose says:

    When you’re doing the O’s and the french inhale are you supposed to exhale
    the smoke or just let it out of your mouth??

  4. iKeloh says:

    When i try to let go of the choke like he does at the end of the hit i cant
    do it because it inhales the smoke how do i do it???

  5. Paige Moor says:

    How are you even able to still talk after this

  6. Rewboy13 says:

    That description is priceless 

  7. DanstonMcsteel says:

    “No weed is being consumed in the filming of this video :).”
    pulls out a little orange weed pot 

  8. King love 555 says:

    that nigga high af lol 

  9. Ricardo Mendoza says:

    I don’t smoke but the rings were pretty sick

  10. skw19898 says:

    He has a pill bottle half full of MJ it’s gotta be prescribed for glaucoma.

  11. Walker Hatch says:

    he a stoner look at that tattoo on his left arm im a stoner too so don’t
    worried sometimes

  12. Ethan Compton says:

    Isn’t weed illegal

  13. The Peanutz says:

    7:41 hhhhhhhhhhhhrrrr dat was good

  14. Willa Lee says:

    Is this legal da fuck

  15. colten maynard says:

    I would do tricks with ecigs of I where you 

  16. BRADY MILLER says:

    Is. That weed

  17. HeINkAssigNmenT 10 says:

    686 people are not smokers

  18. sean R-L says:

    why is it cracking ?

  19. Shootout videos and more says:

    Dude you’re fucking awesome

  20. EagleWing15 says:

    this nigga got high makin this video

  21. Andy Lanning says:

    Prank sters your so retarded it says in the Description of the vid says
    there’s no weed being consumed 

  22. Tyler Chesney says:

    no weed is being consumed, but let me take a couple hits during the video

  23. Destinee Royals says:

    So hot. 

  24. gerardo escobar says:

    This dedicated to all the real stoner smoke with the left pass it with the
    left and for those who dont like it EAT A DICK.

  25. PureDoom says:

    Can anyone link me to a spoon like his its awesome

  26. Lydia Decker says:

    Legalize Nationwide! , Thanks MatrixMan
    Working hard here in Texas!

  27. TheNubianPrince8 says:


  28. George Allen says:

    The government should gather all the info on Marijuana for the public then
    the people could make a informed decision whether to smoke it or not. Until
    that time, people will find ways around it. 

  29. DArtagnan2013 says:

    I want non users put in jail then they will know what its like to be jailed
    for nothing.

  30. Skully D says:


  31. aquelmarihuano says:

    yes legalize it!! (next time use subs)

  32. MatrixManInfo says: