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25 Responses

  1. stonymcshh says:

    Can regular molasses be used?

  2. nicholas wise says:

    Sirsly420 I’m a huge fan and have learned a lot from u, and a few others
    but u are one of my favorite grow guys. You show the facts and share the
    wealth of knowledge to all us who are green, lol corny joke

  3. nicholas wise says:

    That could probly start to cause some major damage to your plant, like root

  4. nicholas wise says:

    You shouldn’t use regular mollassis make sure it’s unsolphered. They put
    preservatives in regular store mollassis which kills bacteria, including
    the good bacteria. So by using the wrong kind u could possibly be killing
    all the good bacteria, that’s living in your soil. So always make sure it
    says unsolphered. (basic gardening 101)

  5. 420afterfitness says:

    good shit!

  6. DylanSfield says:

    Hey man how many weeks in do u start using molasses?

  7. kwu559 says:

    haha i love the mc donalds comparison

  8. SirSly420 says:

    @xthexTxvirusx Yup . As long as its unsulpured

  9. oogp says:

    i just us honey and my pants go crazy 🙂

  10. says:

    does regular molasses work too? because thats what i bought?

  11. Philip McRevice says:

    @scutzi128 u can probably use less of the CALiMAGic when using the
    molasses. make. your bottle go further

  12. D2DAJIZZELLE says:

    can i mix the mollasses with miracle gro?

  13. michaelpaulb says:

    is it possible to feed it too much molasses?

  14. WisconsinEric says:

    On locally made, hand pressed, dry sift chedder cheese baby!

  15. oogp says:

    @ccovnottz I did. all it is is another form of sugar which is malasses any
    way. it worked for me. I also used all natural vanilla at the end and it
    worked too 🙂 added a vanilla taste at the end 🙂

  16. ironlungdtoker says:

    @thc4all1 wut if it says organic sulphur free on the jar ? is the sulphur
    the only possable problem with it ?

  17. ghettosuperstar87 says:

    is this good to use during gthe vegging stage when im ready to start
    flowering ? and i was also wondering. how long after i change there light
    cycle to 12/12 will i start to see bud production

  18. 802bucknasty says:

    @SirSly420 cool…thanx bro

  19. winkdogydog101 says:

    Id say to use more then 1tbs. The key is to start small. Start with 1 tsp
    and work your way up to 3-5 tbs per gallon during flowering (5 gal pot). It
    adds carbs to plants which during growing adds in helping with growth with
    thick stems. This helps with any plant from toppling over from weight. Also
    this allows for plants that are flowering or fruiting when flushing your
    plants for the last 2-4 weeks before harvest some energy so they dont get
    too weak from lack of nutes.

  20. weeeeeeeeeeeddd says:

    ok when should i start the flowering poses

  21. zshaw369 says:

    make sure you cut off the molasses 3 weeks before you harvest the mg will
    build up and will make it very harsh i use it all the time in flower been
    so for years just stop 3 weeks before you harvest or it will be HARSH AS

  22. John Smith says:

    Excellent chelating agent- breaks shit down into compounds that are easy
    for plants to uptake so they tell me.

  23. stamp2241 says:

    thanks for the information and like you said “keep it green”

  24. BklynPrototype says:


  25. xthexTxvirusx says:

    i heard that molasses gives the bud a fucked up smell to it. did that
    happen with your grow?