How to identify and kill spidermites on cannabis

Just a video showing what spidermite damage looks like and how to treat and or prevent infestation.

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29 Responses

  1. Ivan Serrano says:

    Will the spider mites kill the plant? cause mines slowly budding and looks
    healthy but started to get bad with the spiders 

  2. Eleanor Vroom says:

    its called neem oil look it up its organic drowns them and doesn’t allow
    them to spawn and mate, also make your plants shine

  3. Craig Stock says:

    Mighty Wash is nothing but ozonated water.
    You can make your own for pennies a gallon.
    You need to build a corona discharge ozone generator and run oxygen through
    it and into ice water. The water turns pink and the bugs are gone. Screw
    that $14 a quart for Mighty Wash!

  4. Erik Lawetzki says:

    Man I have them on a out door plant I’m growing..

  5. Ian Hulett Friendly Ace says:

    Ahhhh! Cannabis looks so beautiful and inviting. Too bad it’s illegal in NY
    because of it’s relation to Marijuana. I want to grow this so bad but I
    can’t even have HEMP! WTF New York State’s legal system???

  6. Bartolo Mendoza says:

    We’ll I’m having trouble with house fleis and they keep on getting on the
    plant and leaving black dots on the leaves

  7. kushmankev1 says:

    Lol thumbs up for avid

  8. BeginnersTopNotchGrow says:

    i use this spray all the time it’s don’t bug me by fox farm, all natural
    from a flower worked for all my pests I’ll post the link below, it lasts a
    while too.

  9. pfitzsimmons008 says:

    I agree with the cannabisculturez predator mites worked for me they eat all
    the spider mites and when they eat all they see the turn on each other
    until there is one left u never get rid of them they hatch young every
    three days prevention is always better than a cure I got mine through a pet
    cat following me in ! Three times until I realised I use dish soap
    regularly sprayed on plants it suffocates any that r there be lucky mate
    and I hope u don’t av to chop ur plants

  10. dulcesweet cross says:

    Yes this has happened and now that I watch the video he knew he was selling
    me clones infested with spider mites the 2 I originally picked weren’t as
    bad he said ahyaya and sold me these. 5 days later my super skunk being
    eaten I am able trying to keep it going its veg and I want this..he knew
    Cuz the sucking out of the chlorophyll on the leaf leaving spots looks did.
    Then. Chemical burns ..but similar …don’t get clones from just anyone.

  11. kash croft says:

    ooooh, nasty man 🙁

  12. SirSly420 says:

    Yes if you can lower your temps it will help also .



  14. SirSly420 says:

    @kbgrowkid420 I really don’t know , I did get some clones from harborside
    … Maybe they snuck in . The leafs I show were at the very bottom of the
    plants and were kinda hiding from me , I just staked up my plants cuz they
    were leaning over so I didn’t move them and do any real inspections for a
    week or two . My temps range from 73-78 , I did a soil drench with azomax
    and sprayed with sns spidermite spray so hopefully I can handle these
    little bastards . Peace broseph

  15. SirSly420 says:

    @n00b0wn3rzz I’m sure they can attack any plant it just happens to be a
    common pest for cannabis due to the climate that weed grows in . I’m sure
    you can look up common pest for house plants and find out what you got .

  16. AnonymousSnack says:

    Thats so brutal

  17. mitch gring says:

    If u neem once a week through out veg as preventative measure u won’t have

  18. Med420guy says:

    After looking at your video, I notice that there’s spots on my leaves…I’m
    a first time grower and I’m learning by watching your video & some
    others.your info are great and keep it green. peace (:

  19. Valllick says:

    time to give your plants some neem oil so they cant lay eggs and get some
    lady bugs will kills and eat the spiders

  20. Diatsu says:

    Fuck spidermites.

  21. SirSly420 says:

    I fully eliminated mine with neem oil and lady bugs .

  22. kapec21 says:

    neem oil will fix it

  23. mrsir512 says:

    Mist your plants often holmes. Thats all you gotta do. Take care of her.

  24. Drew Grow says:

    That was really bad. I got them from a clone a couple of years ago. I will
    check with a loop my next clones that are coming home. They are so hard to
    eliminate because you can’t kill the eggs so you have to keep spraying them
    for a while. And the hotter the temp the worse it is.



  26. Cereal Marshmallows says:

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  29. SteelCity1981 says:

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