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10 Responses


    dope vid

  2. sunny joon says:

    Great video man. Your right I couldn’t find anyone with a seed dwc vid, if
    I had started in rockwool how long should It be vegged before transplanting
    in dwc system?? Thanks

  3. Phil Jenkins says:

    You aren’t the only one to do this my friend, haha. I also started my
    newest grow, autoflower Ak, from seed directly in the hydroton clay

  4. Gr33nThumb23 says:

    Check out my video “dwc first grow i need help” give me suggestions please

  5. OckBoyWavy says:

    How many days did it take till they poped up

  6. Phil Jenkins says:

    I started in hydroton from a seed in Dwc in my last grow. Check it out!

  7. staycheifen says:

    @jacob beverly I would suggest to germinate it until it pops then place it
    in the clay pebbles were not submerge in water but getting a little bit of

  8. staycheifen says:

    @sunny joon sorry for responeding so late Until it has a good 3 inches of
    Root sticking out of the bottom of the rockwool are just enough to be
    dangling in the water you don’t want the water level touching yourl rock

  9. Jacob Beverly says:

    So do u just top feed if u r starting it n dwc

  10. Anthony Reyes says:

    Sound like an dumb ass!