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25 Responses

  1. Shane Salmon says:

    Thank you for the info, best ive seen on youtube. Please make Vol.3 and so
    on!! :)

  2. Darrell Chapman says:

    Please make a part 3 & 4

  3. Darrell Chapman says:

    Please make part 3 and 4

  4. orgasmoman69 says:

    great clip on cloning, much better than the other shit you see on here

  5. Chad Fresno says:

    Sooooooo informational, I love it. When I move out to Colorado I’m gonna be
    a growin’ and smokin’ fool. 

  6. Andrew Lopez says:


  7. playablegamer pla says:

    lol like a boss

  8. Urbex Vince says:

    HELP ! ! ! I live in New Jersey. In my state we have regular temperature
    seasons. Meaning cold winter and hot summers. (spring 60-70 degrease F,
    summers 85-95, fall 50-60, winters 30-40.) I wish to grow my plants
    outdoors from the months of april and harvest in july. That’s my goal. I
    know most strains are meant to be harvested. What strains do you think
    would grow best outdoors under these weather conditions? Thanks !

  9. El Saharon says:

    Not if you’re high

  10. liveraw11 says:

    lmao, thats how you know ValkeyriesAbyss a pothead lol

  11. james teed says:

    I don’t think the guards in that prison are going to let him make a part 3.

  12. minchael leal says:

    shaking and dumb ass forgot one important thing after cut ur clone put it
    in water until ur ready to use it instead of fucking it up with air pockets

  13. Adam Emanović says:

    dude, you’re shaking as hell :OO

  14. 99AlminFaris98 says:

    wtf dude nobody is an idiot to give you his number,especialy for this
    stuff,are you an cop ?

  15. O Antrikkos Sas ;) says:

    what if i dont put those vitamins will it go good?

  16. ThePortal3 says:


  17. Labron Brooks says:

    i want plant but i need some help but can i get your number or something i
    can ask questions or whatever if i need help

  18. Tooreal2touch says:

    how big should your plants be when you transfer them in to a bigger pot

  19. Tooreal2touch says:

    are you going to make a vol 3

  20. kevin worthy says:

    Where is volume 1

  21. Jacob Gleave says:

    Your shaking more than michael j fox having a shit.

  22. Minhaj Hussain says:

    Will the plant still produce Marijuana even if you do not take out the male
    or female parts of the plant? & can you please tell me where and how much
    the Marijuana seeds were?

  23. samisosa08 says:

    is it possible to grow in georgia outdoors?

  24. Stoned. says:

    Cannabis will grow bud even if you don’t take that good care of it… It’s
    not complicated to grow weed, you can literally stick it in a pot of soil
    and water it when the soils dry and it will grow…

  25. Christian Gonzalez says: