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25 Responses

  1. THC Digest says:

    6 feet or so, sativas are down but they were about 8 feet I’d say so they
    were curling around the ceiling, the grow in the video was 1 plant, no co2,
    general hydroponics (see link to equipment list in description), 400w mh
    for veg, hps for flower

  2. MrHairyNutz says:

    How tall is your grow room? How tall are the sativa’s? How many plants do
    you got in your grow room? Do you use co2 or not? What nutrients do you
    use? What wattage/light do you use. (mh/hps?)

  3. pat sanders says:

    im now entering my second week in flowering.?when am i able to tell from
    female to male. seeing alot of growth height and bud wise but no signs of
    either.. so how long into flowermode will i see the sex… using 400 watt

  4. dmdagrower says:

    Sup bro watched all ur vids, ima fan. I have a question, wat are you doing
    wit ur trim? U should look into Makin hash, I have the same grow size and
    light bout to start next month will be posting vids. Thanks

  5. THC Digest says:

    Are you sure they died from temp? It takes a lot of sustained high
    temperatures (90-100+) to fry out a marijuana plant.

  6. Antoine Sharp says:

    Have grown any auto flower seeds

  7. paytonmcfadden95 says:

    I lost a seed in my soil …. Is that bad

  8. 3amify says:


  9. THC Digest says:

    This is wise.

  10. THC Digest says:

    Nope, never tried them… maybe someday

  11. paytonmcfadden95 says:

    Well i found my seed and its now a plant and there both growing right
    besides another

  12. CChief144 says:

    Keep your fire extinguisher near by if you are goin to leave those tops
    touching the light.

  13. THC Digest says:

    I lost many seeds this grow, in fact all the White Widow I bought died due
    to me planting the seeds too deep.. it’s a lesson learned. It’s up to you
    to decide if losing a seed is a big deal or not, but it’s surely going to
    happen from time to time and seeds aren’t always destined to grow into
    something amazing.

  14. xxblastinxx says:

    What temperature do u keep ur plants?

  15. THC Digest says:


  16. THC Digest says:

    Thanks for the insight, I have an A/C right outside and a fan constantly
    blowing in to cycle out the hot air. I only got a few more weeks to go so
    hoping for the best.

  17. macbookgenius007 says:

    hey when are you going to update on this grow?

  18. THC Digest says:

    Right now for the most part the temp is around 70-80 degrees F at any time
    with the light on.

  19. THC Digest says:

    My gf makes cannabutter, which actually hits harder than my vaporizer.

  20. xxblastinxx says:

    I have two plants just started agin the last one didnt have an air vent in
    my grow room just put one these one look like they going to make it

  21. THC Digest says:

    Can’t clone yet, no room for the mother. That will change soon though.

  22. CChief144 says:

    A friend of mine burned up his entire grow room and almost his whole house
    by letting tips get too close to light. Not necessarily from tops burning
    but light bulb itself got too got and exploded. It’s best to have some air
    flow between the light and the plant. Just be careful bro.

  23. Dominic Puleo says:

    i would just kill that shwag bitch snd start over.

  24. xxblastinxx says:

    Do u think i need a betta fan? To keep my water just right?

  25. THC Digest says:

    It took me about a week this grow, if you’re getting into your 2nd week,
    you should see something anytime