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25 Responses

  1. s. bae says:

    This dude reminds me of Walter Jr, AKA “Flynn” 😉 

  2. Kai Mira says:

    People keep bringing up the way he speaks, but what I am wondering is, “it
    the smoke, or the reason this guy needs the smoke?”
    I mean, he calls himself “The Gimp.” There’s likely a good reason.
    Anyway, that’s my thoughts.
    Haters aside: I applaud your courage and dedication to the field. We need
    more people like this–helpful, friendly, and fearless in their sharing of
    knowledge. I’ll admit to skipping the earlier rambling, but only because
    I’m coming in at this point, and don’t need the update/rehash stuff. Just
    watching to watch, figured I’d learn something, and you’re entertaining.
    You helped a very depressed stoner make it through his day.
    Thank you.

  3. BlinkkHD says:

    hey man!! so recently i came across a seed and was able to get a little
    sprout from it but idk what light to use.. The best option i have right now
    or atleast what seems the best option and what i need some okay to use from
    a grower. So i have a massive salt water fish tank and the light i run on
    it is it 4 dual light tubes (two tubes are burnt out) I have one that says
    daylight on it and glows a bright white. The other glows a blue and is
    known to be used during night for fish. Anyways since only one of the blue
    and one white works what should i use? On the dual blue tube it says 460nm
    on one of the tubes and 420nm on the other. The white doesn’t say anything
    but im trying to search on the manufactures website. 

  4. Isaiah Yeates says:

    ur so high 

  5. Daniel Gurley says:

    Sub from me! I don’t grow but have a question about the way it works. I
    see some videos with systems that dry the roots out routinely everyday. I
    thought this was required. Your system has the roots wet all the time and I
    have seen other videos same as yours. Do both methods work fine? thanks
    for your time!

  6. HOTSAUCE says:

    Dude sounds like Walt Jr. 

  7. Larry Lantz says:

    You seem like a really nice guy. However, you speak too much like a stoner
    even though your mind does appear clear. Take a THC vacation once in a
    No offense intended–this is great info–just don’t want you to burn out.

  8. imtheg00109 says:

    Cool video thanks for the info.this will be my first grow indoor. Can I use
    a hps for veg and flower? 

  9. Eugene Epifanov says:

    Thank you, bro! Great job! 

  10. matt wallace says:

    is the what water pump your are using missing from the list?

  11. BlinkkHD says:

    okay i was able to figure out the bulbs i have. I have one dual 65w
    daylight 6700k/10000k white, power compact. And the other bulb is a 65w
    dual 420nm/460nm blue, power compact. I only only growing one plant what
    light should i use??

  12. Gold Coast Reefer says:

    Hi THC Digest 🙂

    Thanks so much for these great videos #FreeTheMedicine 

  13. Ambie cedeno says:

    Im bout to start growing hydro, since it mainly sit in water wouldnt the
    roots be getting too much water or be drowning ? Plz answer

  14. DaNinjaWaffle6 says:

    What would happen if I filled my tub all the way to the top? Could my
    plants drown? 

  15. TheSlavesTv says:

    Is it just me or are you really like the prodigy son off Walter White?

  16. Shawn Karas says:

    what is wrong with this guy lol… good tips man

  17. Lamir Pr says:

    hey great video where did you get the water tube … do you have to have
    a water filter 

  18. Simon Bergman says:

    Damn your ballast sound alot

  19. Melissa Diggins says:

    It this system perfect much all I need besides the ballast, nutrients, ph
    buffer, ph meter, root treatment and seeds?
    Stealth Hydroponics Multi Spectrum Bubbleponic 6 Planter Complete Kit

  20. scuples says:

    you have stolen nebula hazes system which is no bad thing. good luck

  21. Dusty Lion says:

    LMAO its so funny to watch when ur high. ho high man is showing u how to
    grow something that will make u high LMAO its just funny as fuck lmao but i
    like it.. like from me LOL

  22. Zhea Listic says:

    Dude u look so high hahah 😀
    Interesting and helpful video!
    Thanks alot sir :)

  23. GoCraZzy1988 says:

    great u think of the water filter for me the most important on hydro i use
    rain water filter also

  24. John Mares says:

    I forget, how should I set up the automatic lighting?

  25. jeremiah carlson says:

    the way you talk reminds me of Walt Jr off breaking bad