How to grow cannabis in coco. Week 3 bloom feeding Pt.1

How to grow cannabis in coco. Week 3 bloom feeding Pt.1

Day 21 of flower on this multi strain garden. Detailed overview of my week 3 bloom feed schedule and my method of hand feeding. Discussion on nutrients and r…

RIOT SEEDS - I have narrowed down 3 strong starters and started a few new seeds to stagger my grow a bit. I went 10 for 12 on germanation of all…
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25 Responses

  1. Félix Hallé says:

    what proteins will you give to a white widow plant? and after how many week?

  2. BBBuds610 says:

    Im looking for autoflower seed any advice?

  3. Nick Clegg says:

    hey mister tight i just started to germintate my seeds i have only 2 seedlings at the moment i was wondering ive let them sit on my garage roof all day and night will they get all the sun they need or should i move them cause i noticed about 7:00 pm the sun gets blocked by a tree …what should i do

  4. hiddenherbjutsu420 says:

    Sorry man, the Originator of Girl Scout Cookies has said close to no one has his genetics. His name is Kenny Powers, if you youtube, ” Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies” you will see a “Pot-cast” video of Kenny even telling Cali connection their cookies are fake! Swerve then kicked him out of his booth…..Unless you live here in the bay and actually find a dispensary with authentic GSC and get it straight from a bud…..99% its not authentic genetics…sorry bro. Even here in the bay ppl fake

  5. gregmuir84 says:

    biocanna,s vega + flores .molasses based.+also a few extra black strap molasses + plenty of sugaree!it all feeds the soil web+ the plants love it+tea made with the bennie packs,enzymes etc.its amazing.AND it compares,IF NOT BEATS MY pals gardens hands down+they use hydro+ chems etc.

  6. gregmuir84 says:

    yea ya defo must use good coco washed in fresh water + ur allways gunna need a bottle of cal mag + and a bottle of micros! i love canna terra pro+ soil.its amazing with some extra ewc + maybee guano,carbon+rice hulls ert to stop compaction of the soil etc.oh + caps bennies.root,nute ,+ foliar packs.chock full of mycos,fungis,bacterias etc.i hardly ,feed, the plant ant bottled organic nutes,just a lil sea weed,calmag +,ewc + organic matter.some fish blood+bone meal.+loadsa enzymes,+ some biocana

  7. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    they will grow very well in the sun.this time of year the days are already getting shorter so they would start to bud soon.

  8. tomas pelliccione says:

    what happens if you dont have those lights and just leave them out in the sun?

  9. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    i gave in and tossed the strawberries after 10 days of not popping.good luck i hope you get at least 1 to pop and make it to the veg stage.these are older seed stock so maybe start with a soak first.i went strait to paper towels without a soak.

  10. TheMasterchief50 says:

    Ok I’m popping my GSC and ill let you no if the white strawberries pop

  11. charleskelley561 says:

    I need some more seeds

  12. nobby1000 says:

    Looking good

  13. Deondre Torres says:

    Love the videos man but I wanted your advice on Wat do you do when your plants look sick? First time grower

  14. D Stern says:

    If still have any more cookies or green crack seeds me let me know I have some wonderful genetics I’m willing to trade if you are

  15. jerzyj says:

    Cookies and crack love it haha plants looking good

  16. Matt J says:

    coco is great, but calcium is leeched out during the process, If you have good coco nutes like canna, they’re gonna look Prime, its just people probably use crap nutes or use crap coco that is cleaned with sea water. salty salty

  17. Jordan Mack says:

    wait isnt green crack the cross in cookie crack and green crack is sativa

  18. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    i have no experiance in coco and most growers that i see switching to coco have shitty looking plants with cal/mg issues and all sorts of ugly growth till they get the learning curve of it.Ive use promix many times years ago and did very well with it.

  19. academyrulz says:

    my ladies are happy with the pro-mix HP with a little extra perlite added for aeration/drainage.But my buddy runs sunshine running strains from the same mothers as me and does just as good, better sometime, not others.

  20. Adam Lawton says:


  21. Billy Chustah says:

    Peat moss degrades quickly when you add a lot of salty nutes to it. And as it degrades the ph gets more and more acidic. Cocoa doesn’t break down for years, and is sustainable.

  22. Billy Chustah says:

    Please don’t use pro mix. Please use cocoa u wills so much happier and so will your plants.

  23. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    good observations on your part.I will take that into considerations and consider my nutrient recipie and the ingrediants of the 2 mixes before i commit to one of them.

  24. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    chances are i would have some problems with height and we top for other reasons.its a more efficiant way to maximize your plant potential by growing just nice tops cause thats where the light is.a tall sativa un-topped would have shitty growth towards the bottom not into growing a trophy cola.they are only good for pictures.not realistic to try and jar those up and dry them propper either.they end up being chopped into smaller pieces anyway so…

  25. igets high says:

    looking good bro cant wait for this grow to really kick off stay blessed and high