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25 Responses

  1. ben smith says:

    omg i have that same jar that says Ball but underneath it says ideal,,,
    were did you get yours from?

  2. Sazeed Stewart says:

    Im getting in some beans Soon, so ill be a litte bit behind from your auto
    grow as from mine. Keep it SCROGGED

  3. Sazeed Stewart says:

    Never grew autos but I realized its Soon too be the future. It sucks you
    cant take clones from all autos depends on genetics

  4. LepreChronic420 says:

    looks good dude I cant wait to start mine do you think T5s will work for
    auto flowers

  5. Potman247 says:

    Hey caregiver whats up bro shoot me a p.m. thanks bro

  6. meghan00851 says:

    liking what i see, when will part 2 be up? ill b tuning in waiting

  7. c9s3p says:

    Question? Will I have problems if the seed I germinated in a cup of water
    separated from the’s a nice tail though

  8. meghan00851 says:

    cant clone autos from what ive heard but dont quote me on that.

  9. Michael Pickett says:

    Check out:

  10. dirtybongwater grows says:

    looking real good ive gotta get some more seeds to you so you can have more
    to start if you have males. hope they do well for you. got some more seeds
    in the making. talk to you soon.

  11. Papeleta Rastafari says:


  12. shredder0911 says:

    Do you know if it is possible to take a clone from an auto, which will also
    finish if taken prior to flowering? Or is it not possible?

  13. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    Bro you got the M3 most the work is done, If you got anymore of that HUMTEA
    you hooked me up with I can show you how to do the easy Teas when it starts
    flowering shit works awesome

  14. The 1 LB. CLUB says:

    Did you say you keep those on a veg cycle til their done? I have zero
    experience with autoflowers. What is the average amount of time before they
    start to bud. Looking good. I’ve been watching this crazy ass vertical
    grow. It’s like a cave of Bud with hanging lights in the middle, so 100
    percent of the light can be used instead of 50%. Its growingforfreedom
    subLBC. Kig


    give these guys a ring…..they will get it to you1(231)3015914….tell
    them i told you their number

  16. ninodaboss561 says:

    Were can I order that soil?

  17. jlivin84 says:

    dwc auto?? hht ??

  18. brianj123458 says:

    Hello my friend I am a little lost that soil growing any dwc I’ve seen is
    grown in water can you explain where i can understand a little bit more I’m
    always trying to learn peace. Redline


    keep it green

  20. redeyejediful says:

    call a mofo back…..


    this is my auto room…hope to have a HHT video up in a few days….keep it


    sure thing….lol….this is my auto flower room and i also have a DWC room
    and ill be posting on both grows…..keep it green

  23. behindthescope6 says:

    Can’t wait to see those things go!!


    i have some of them also just using these lil bags up …..keep it green

  25. redeyejediful says:

    funny i’m smoking my first auto now and my first plant with mmm soil. both
    pretty good.