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25 Responses

  1. suffist says:

    Did you say a Christian growing marijuana ? or Christian growing marijuana?

  2. Codyy Blackk says:

    You kno how to grow mannn that’s good for 2 months

  3. Don Mafu says:

    Greetings, Question for ya if I may. On a mother plant, should I be take
    clones from the bottom
    only? Or should I pull clones from the upper branches also? Should I pull
    the clones from the
    base where it meets the main stem, or just a few nodes into the clone? Any
    help is profoundly
    appreciated. Kindest Regards: MMP in MA

  4. Cindee Sweeney says:

    can you use a keep alive a plant after buds are done and taken off? or even
    try and clone it?

  5. shadowfuser says:

    Do you treat this better than your wife? 

  6. 1986tessie says:

    What about growing a mother to bud? Iv already taken 6 clones off it, now I
    re-vegd it and turned the lights yesterday.

  7. 1986tessie says:

    What about growing a mother to bud? Iv already taken 6 clones off it, now I
    re-vegd it and turned the lights yesterday.

  8. Rick Sanders says:

    *~great info.~ Poor quality videography~*

  9. mrdreadeye808 says:

    what what the intro song?

  10. kris12211221 says:

    correct me if im wrong but I dont think the nutrients you use could trigger
    flowering, just your light cycle. nice lookin plant:)

  11. Simgus88 says:

    how long can u keep a motherplant in that state?? nice video btw m8

  12. grace20081000 says:

    wo wo think av hit a nerve sorry mate just want the best for us all ha ha

  13. tj dvs says:

    there are claims that some how when you clone a plant the clone will only
    have genetics of the branch you clone, which leads people with common sense
    to believe it will have the same genetics of the mother as it is its
    genetics in the branches. also my preference is to keep my mothers for up
    to 6 months, just to keep everything easy maintenance and optimal growth.

  14. Charlie Tuna says:

    Not thAt I’m a pro but I’ve just heard that yield will diminish from clones
    taken from a plant that was a clone. Apposed to a clone taken from a plant
    grown from seed. Does anyone have any info on this topic?

  15. tj dvs says:

    i’m with you dani boy, i did try making the same point but you put it much

  16. CheapskateGardener says:

    very Nice plant you have there 🙂

  17. grace20081000 says:

    ye but it not 100% mother when taken from clone they get weaker and weaker

  18. grace20081000 says:

    ypu sud always start mother from a seed

  19. Lu Sunt West says:

    When do you get your seeds from?

  20. Rob H says:

    two 40w 4′ T8

  21. alex carter says:

    hello i have a question how many time i can top my mother to have more
    branch as possible thanks for the answer

  22. Dan 123 says:

    Not true, you can turn a clone into a mother easily.

  23. Zacnix Nixon says:

    You usually grow out a seed see if yo u like it then you mother out of the
    first or even 2 nd generation clone so you know for sur e what you got

  24. tj dvs says:

    hey, are you god? do you know everthing about everything? the answer is no,
    so wake up to yourself you dont have all the answers. untill scientists
    have learnt more about cannabis you wont have any evidence to back your
    claims but for the time being there are countless growers who clone their
    mothers for another mother which preduce the same.

  25. tj dvs says:

    haha so do i buddy and thats why i wanted to point out its a myth not fact.