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50 Responses

  1. Joshua Macias says:

    perfect germinate

  2. Andres reyes aravena says:

    este metodo es tan malo como se ve

  3. sandy78442 says:

    I wish I had the great seeds that you have! Normally I just stick great
    Jamacian bag seeds in soil, and water them every day. I must be lucky,
    because I have a very high success rate without germinating them first. It
    usually takes about 3 or 4 days (sometimes more) to see a seedling pop up.
    I’m afraid of the risk harming them in transplant, which is why I just
    plant them. If the seeds were good to begin with, it almost always works.
    Great video!

  4. Bradda Bundem says:

    Sorry, never heard of marijuna.

  5. zach davis says:

    how long does the root have to be?

  6. staines97 says:

    GrowerMD coming at you with a modern cheese cloth commercial with a twist (;

  7. Cronic says:

    Chopsticks >.<

  8. Cubenshis says:

    my seeds has been like one week and nothing happens.. why?

  9. sanderskenny says:

    grower md…. whats your temp in your clone room?

  10. KhiddStatic says:

    @ GrowerMd were did you get the freebeis from

  11. Bobby Gilmour says:

    how much and how often should you water a plant in a pot that size?

  12. MachinimaRGZ says:

    ive got my seeds germinating it’s been a week now but there still not going
    on what should I do ?thank you 🙂

  13. steve ugo says:

    grower check out subcools channel he popped the pure aff awhile back word
    good luck. thx for the vids

  14. BartMcKarney says:

    When do you start feeding them?

  15. SlayerHawkX says:


  16. Joshua Garcia says:

    i usually put the root upward when i plant it into my soil….the plant
    grows like an inch in like 8 hours.. is that a good thing? or do you think
    in the future the plant will fuck up?

  17. zZeGATr0nZz says:

    Can you post a link to the website where you got these

  18. Jeff Badini says:

    Perfection. Thank you. No one can explain this better than you can. I do
    have one question. You order these seeds? If so, is it legal for me to buy
    seeds? I live in the US.

  19. FingerBoardGod1011 says:

    is the dome air tight ?

  20. BigShawn CiTiEnt says:

    Hey md I cant find any place to buy some good seeds could you help meplz.
    Also when i buy some seeds will they send me some free samples plz get back
    to me fast i really need these seeds bad. And I have 7 pot set up need to
    no if my plants are fem or male i can send you picks give me you yahoo and
    ill send some pics thxs.

  21. HBC423 says:

    Always plant in the medium

  22. TheJr420420 says:

    can anyone tell me how to store seeds, i put them in my refrigerator, is
    that ok?

  23. maxice40 says:

    after you put them in the seeds in the pots how much water do you give

  24. David Rojas says:

    why do you like to use coco does it benefit is certain way im new to this
    stuff so can you help me choose what medium i should get

  25. koolkidk1ub says:

    ditto got about 35 seeds no problems

  26. william fourie says:

    yea yo rogan love it dude hell up

  27. TheKosuzu says:

    Hey Hygro, I’m sure you mentioned this in one of your videos but I can’t
    remember which one. What is the distance from the top of your scrog net to
    the bottom of your light?

  28. TheOthoudt says:

    Yes, the light gradient is too “steep” close to the light. Kind of like how
    gravity is around a black hole in a way.

  29. toefink says:

    Thanks bud, I think you just saved my first grow. Keep the tips coming!

  30. CannabisKing503 says:

    Joe Rogan what up bro lol

  31. phr tao says:

    I have another theory on lights too close. If you run a light at 6 inches
    above a plant say then 6 inches down the plant from the top the intensity
    is one quarter that at the top (inverse square law) – at 12 inches down the
    plant it one be one ninth of the light at the top. This makes your plant do
    strange things and you loose the benefits that you may have had by getting
    the light close. One exception to this is young plants that have just got
    established – where the extra light can boost it.

  32. wade saatka says:

    iv thought the same thing everytime i watch one. lol the voice is dead on.

  33. BlazinBuds420 says:

    I’m convinced you’re Joe Rogan. I’ve watched all your videos the past
    couple hours, turned on UFC and I’m now fully convinced you’re joe rogan

  34. Kissmi Bunghole says:

    I have been doing this shit for 2 yrs now man, and I must say you have
    enlightened me much more then I thought one person could. I am a faithful
    subscriber to your knowledge my brother. Thank you sir!! needs to be said
    much more for your generosity!

  35. Derick Berger says:

    You guy ever seen a spoon pipe that’s actually a non spill percolator u can
    put in ur pocket? Well I make them and if u don’t believe me check out
    Outkastglass.¢0m check out the videos and maybe even get one for your self.
    Thanks for ur support =]

  36. malcolm spencer says:

    great vid and happy 100th vid

  37. Caaaakeee says:

    I have a question for you. I’m growing my own plants, and I’m a first time
    grower. I can’t afford a hydro set up right now, or even a non-hydroponic
    indoor set up. So I’m growing the plants outside on an enclosed deck. I’m
    growing two plants to start. What I’m wondering is this, should I use all
    the techniques you use and the scrog net?

  38. HygroHybrid says:

    wow.. thanks 🙂 overlooked that cheers hg

  39. UKCHEEZ says:

    can u do a video on ripening at the end of flower…..thanks

  40. GTILOUD says:

    Dude you kinda sound like Joe Rogan just a little, he’s a really smart
    Cannabis connoisseur if you didn’t know.

  41. twosticker says:

    Have you ever figured out how much electricity it cost you per bulb per
    month. Im running in a green house with the sun but it takes longer during
    the summer to flower . Just wondering if it’s worth the electric bill or
    not. 2sticker

  42. coal4life says:

    I like the condensed versions alot. I’ve watched many of the long ones
    several times while taking notes. A quick refresher in a shorter format?
    Way good. Alot of people gonna love it. Thanks for the work and effort.

  43. glowsticksspinen says:

    Thanks hydro. You the man. Just finished my first harvist. 2 pounds all
    because of you. You help me so much. Couldn’t have done it without you. I
    wish I could burn some with you.

  44. Leaf Shepherd says:

    Bravo this was a much improved presentation. Clear, concise and to the
    point. I have always benefited from your vast and helpful knowledge of the
    fine art of advancing the herb, but your delivery sucked you sounded like a
    verbose thug. I applaud you, you are now on your way to being in the small
    group of go to ganja growers.And happy 100th

  45. MrHahaveryhappy says:

    You sound different like you had some caffeine haha good job speedy :))

  46. Sir_Bud_Proppa24 says:

    Always informative!!

  47. art mendoza says:

    Yup good video! Question how long you been growing for? just curious…

  48. Mehd Ickal says:

    Great explanation.

  49. ukanabolic says:

    Good to see you have a website now aswell, even if it is the future home of
    something quite cool. 🙂

  50. Bob Cobb says:

    You have been reported.