How To Germinate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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Harvest day for the smaller two. Good amount of Amber trichomes on these ladies, lovely smells and buds the size of size 12 wide skate shoes, legal medical g…

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4 Responses

  1. Brad Piff says:

    Could you recommend an autoflower for me to try my first time or should I
    just choose one a see how it goes

  2. Rodrigo Marquina says:

    Do you get yours off attitude? And if not which seed bank and brands would
    you recommend? Thanks for your videos btw

  3. MT Frnchfry says:

    Tap water, RO water, Humic acid added, H2O2….have seen all these used, so
    just curious how you do it.

  4. Brad Piff says: