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23 Responses

  1. Yves Black says:

    Yaaah DOOODE. Gettin’ jiggy wit it! You GO white man…very, very white man.

  2. rober schuler says:

    ok that’s how you put them in .. if your going to do a HOW TO video talk about the days after. this guy is a total am. don’t listen to him and don’t take his advise you will not learn a thing. please stop spreading disinformation and incomplete growing advise.

  3. rober schuler says:

    I meant lower stem ROT!!!

  4. rober schuler says:

    ya man split it up into one video? .. haha ok. you will have better results with clonex in the water you use to soak the medium, which is too wet. Dry rooting powder is better than any gel, why? please ask me. Whats the purpose of the dome? so why are you directly spraying your cuttings? that’s a no no. You can take cuttings from the top or bottom it does NOT matter. scraping and or splicing the stem does NOT help, it increases the chance for lower stem root.

  5. Jason Thomas says:

    *new clonex

  6. Jason Thomas says:

    Never dip your clones directly into your bottle of new clones, you can contaminate it and it will be useless next time. Use another clean bottle to pour some into. Your clone success rate will be higher.

  7. Ryan Fitzwater says:

    …and your fingernails look like toenails

  8. Ryan Fitzwater says:

    Dude. The intro song really sux. Good job on the growing but your obviously too white to do a rap intro. You will grow out of it. Just like the plants. (;

  9. OctoberPvP says:

    What temperature is it in there?

  10. tailbreak011 says:

    Great vid man very interesting but for how long do you leave the clones in the dome?

  11. jeremy marcoux says:

    what type of light do you use for clones , how close to the dome , and how many hours on?

  12. Jonathan Eichholz says:

    Have you ever used root tine the white powder to clone. When I did mine I left the in a pan of water for 7 days and took the water away for 7 days after they gave them water with just alittle juice and they took off

  13. Luis Monroy says:

    What are the cubes like what are they made of

  14. anthony duffy says:

    best tutorial vid you done i rekon fairplay awsome vid how many cuttings did you average from the 2 taller plants in this vid?

  15. RouxContorsionniste says:

    You kinda sound like Paul from tokin daily (TokinGLX)

  16. trpremote says:

    What kind of lighting should I be using for my clones?low watt?my usual lighting minus hps?please e-mail me back at trpremote@gmail. first time grower

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  18. lucas hall says:

    what kind of cubes are those

  19. Toretto Mirric says:

    I would like to ask you something:
    when you switch from the cube to the ground which types of land use can specify .. thanks

  20. Jose Suarez says:

    can u tell me what and what is needed to clone

  21. Ali Doener says:

    believe it or not you can also use honey

  22. Jeremy Cross says:

    loved the intro

  23. CessAddict says:

    can you use honey as clonex?