How to Clone Marijuana – Cloning Marijuana brings you a step by step guide to cloning marijuana using different methods.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. lacrema85 says:

    thanks for the vid !

  2. oOJAYDILLAOo says:

    does it have to be female?

  3. critterboss says:

    The part you were cutting off is called Phylum

  4. oxytyler says:

    i love the look of healthy marijuana plants

  5. kontroledkos says:

    if this became a doctor he’d of cured cancer!

  6. The Logical Gamers says:

    In Soviet Russia 240p is High Definition.

  7. NeGPurpleWidow says:

    dude no u always wanna clone from the bottm cuz they hav the most probality
    to get roots faster

  8. Patrick S says:

    935,000 people grow marijuana

  9. Kurtis Quigley says:

    Your clones must not be doing so well if all you can afford is a potato to
    film with.

  10. zigzagfourtwenty says:

    man, some of you kiddies are immature. Pretty good video, but I’ve heard
    that cloning to soil doesnt have a very high success rate….not sure about
    perlite and those tiny cubes for cloning. Never even heard of anyone doing
    that, and doesnt seem like it would work very well. I would say an aero
    cloner is the best method of cloning, and next to that would be rockwool
    cubes (or something similar). Rockwool cubes for cloning are easy, and they
    can be transplanted to anything; soil, hydro, or aero

  11. cmoneykc97 says:

    Good idea there is a seedling that’s stem is starting to rot in hydroponics
    and thinking about cutting it right above it and cloning

  12. WestCoastIrk says:

    excellent video. Thanks!

  13. Dack Isback says:

    Grow from seed… if you’re going to be spending $100’s on electricity for
    lighting- you might as well do it right.

  14. Lordteetz says:

    So where do you live

  15. djjoker1984 says:

    hello can i know wat ph and ppm you have in your ez cloner thank you

  16. vatican870 says:

    Yeah, you sure can take clones in flower, just keep em under 24 hr lights.

  17. djjoker1984 says:

    hello can i know wat ph and ppm you have in your ez cloner

  18. MrShitslinger says:

    @Ultranothing lol…an “inturder” doesnt stand a fucking chance steping
    foot in my home. or my work to be honest.

  19. TheShnitster says:

    as long as it works good its the right way imo

  20. xCombatTestedx says:

    @dackisback Cloning IS doing it right. An exact copy of a plant you already
    know to be female, healthy and high yield.

  21. TheJr420420 says:

    @7MRsilkgrow is that sublbc for real

  22. SpecOps2594 says:

    btw you also speak like obama, pause mid sentense, then emphisize at the end

  23. Nick Stevens says:

    @difficultsyllables Dumb-ass*

  24. HeatherHell666 says:

    those cuttings seem big to me. i thought smaller ones rooter quicker
    because the stem is softer. but i, frankly, suck at rooting cuttings. i’m
    about 2 for 50 right now and both of them that did work, took forever, like
    3 weeks, and were stunted and grew horribly slowly with little vigor, they
    were healthy enough but damn. my buddy could take and root 30 cuttings,
    pick the best 14, veg em and be halfway done flowering before my piece of
    half diseased thing started growing new growth.

  25. chieforangutan says:

    @BanMeImScary You will see roots growing out of the base of the plant/clone!

  26. Andrew Pyrah says:

    To those who understand what this is – thanks for watching!

  27. MrtheChief1 says:

    @TheGraham420 Is English your second language?

  28. 010Gomes010 says:


  29. Andrew Pyrah says:

    LOL I earned it thanks, don’t know about you.

  30. Jake SF says:

    Me too 🙁 its such a shame!

  31. Stephen Shimmans says:

    You deserved this. I’m glad you were chosen to do it because you’re an
    objective man who has an extensive knowledge and experience of the
    different strains and varieties. Peace and Pot.

  32. Rengo_NQN says:

    you know nothing of this gift of god

  33. 1337qwr says:

    idiots. thanks for posting all the stuff from the cup!

  34. TheGraham420 says:

    You never give any info ur shit at this

  35. effoffu says:

    2nd defo m8 will be over in amsterdam about the 22nd july will be up for
    giving u a second opinion on some of that honey oil or could get the wife
    to do ur cleaning for u if i get the empty bags to scrape clean just incase
    u left a bit lol

  36. ZegMaar Peet says:

    you are hitting the nail man ,the grayham420 is just a troll.

  37. LeeviON says:

    What’s so bad about half a gram? There are people (including him and me)
    who don’t need two grams to get high. We prefer to smoke a little bit of
    something good than a lot of bad shit.

  38. OGSTUA says:

    Which one was your favourite and which hash won 1st place? Hope you had fun
    testing them out!

  39. LordTeaOfBiscuits says:

    hey there andrew, first off, what a stunning selection of hash, absolutely
    fabulous, secondly what was D2 ? it looks like amber and soemthing ive
    never seen before, thanks in advance….peace n pot dude 🙂

  40. TheGraham420 says:

    Ur sit at this you never have any info normaly you hava about a half Grammy
    to do a weed test ur a joke

  41. st0ner_mtl says:

    lol wtf?!

  42. ZegMaar Peet says:

    looks great andrew, always make iceolator hash but today…… for the
    first time……. with the honeybee-extractor …. i made 6 grams of the
    most delicious clean amberglass amnesia bho !!! if you want to review it i
    will deliver some to you . let me now if you want to and if you don`t ,….
    peace bro

  43. RadioJava says:

    its critical amber ice, sold by dizzy duck the hague

  44. SVCKMY DICK says:

    yeah bro i think they need to get medicated

  45. Arron Jones says:

    allow hating were the fuck is your reviews do any better then comment, so
    im gunna smoke some cheese whilst u lot continue being dick cheese
    ………… peace and pot peeps !

  46. TheGraham420 says:

    Man this Cat hasn’t got a clue what’s what that’s why he isn’t saying
    shit,if it was someone with real experience they would talk about the
    Characteristics of each weed & hash,just like you do with wine!

  47. Buschnaga says:

    Shut up man. It’s a really nice video

  48. Adam Gill says:


  49. ripp846 says:

    I haven’t seen hash in so long it’s not funny. 🙁

  50. Charside says:

    Seriously catchy beats on these new videos!! I bet you had a heavy blaze
    for weeks with all this high grade to test n rate etc!! 🙂