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25 Responses

  1. sambo123271 says:

    Where you get the jilly bean seeds at

  2. ironlungdtoker says:

    @Devorvan its cuz the cops are sick of raiding grow ops with shitty weed so
    they have to leave some grow videos up , that way theyll find some good

  3. SirSly420 says:

    @UptownKush I got jillybean at bpg berkely patients group but if u don’t
    live near a club you can order it from they are the ones who
    created the strain and it takes about 8-9 weeks to flower

  4. SirSly420 says:

    U should let the plant recover for a week first .

  5. vincent rancourt says:

    Just wanted to know if it is better to clone from a plant whose flowering
    or is in vegetation stade ? Because I don’t want my clone to be male.

  6. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 yeah 65% humidity is better for clones that’s why ppl use the
    plastic dome to increase humidity, if the clones have roots 50% humidity is
    perfect .

  7. Spiritt Wind says:

    do you have to play that fucking nigger music in the background. It is

  8. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 if its clones less light is better , lower light promotes root
    growth , if your vegging cfls bright white (6500k) works great and
    flowering u want the most light u can get cfls soft white (2700k) or high
    pressure sodium (hps) works the best for dense nugs .

  9. hunterdollarbill says:

    Dude how u blow big ass smoke rings like that?

  10. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 that’s near perfect 48% humidity would be better any higher than
    that and u risk mold issues.

  11. 7black0shadow7 says:

    Just because you choked so good you got my sub xD . Hey give me the info on
    jilly bean . I’m going to get some clones in a few days . How much yield
    how dense are nugs and yeah anything will help 🙂

  12. SirSly420 says:

    @ChogNompa I think your right we’ll know forsure in a week or two

  13. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 leaving it in a big bucket or storage tote without the lid on
    helps , the best way is to buy a reverse osmosis machine it cleans out all
    the bad stuff in water .

  14. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 leaving it in a big bucket or storage tote without the lid on
    helps , the best way is to buy a reverse osmosis machine it cleans out all
    the bad stuff in water .

  15. HaCle89 says:

    I wanted to start a little stealth grow but i’m a little worried about the
    smell. do you have any special tips or maybe some advice on plants that
    don’t smell to strong?

  16. SirSly420 says:

    @vinCRanC i usually take clones while its vegging , but I’ve taken clones
    off a plant that had been flowering 1-2 weeks , if u do it while its
    flowering take it from the lowest part of the plant so it doesn’t have any
    white hairs .

  17. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 foil isn’t the best for a reflector it adds heat and creates hot
    spots , mist the leafs with water every 4-6 hours or twice a day until the
    clones have roots once they have roots u don’t have to spray em u can just
    pour water , lower light is better for roots so make sure they have a dark
    cycle 18 hrs of light and 6 hrs dark . Goodluck .

  18. anon growops says:

    What kind of materiel are you using for light reflection? and whats the
    price compared to Mylar?

  19. Devorvan says:

    No cops have disliked this vid yet, they must be interested in that they
    can raid peoples places, take a bit off it and take it home for themselves
    to grow

  20. Nightshifts Daily says:

    Nice method bro. I noticed that when I cut clones from the lower branches
    they seem to root a lot faster than the upper branch cuts. Let me know what
    you think..

  21. SirSly420 says:

    @meagrowgrow Thnx man I’ll let u know

  22. SirSly420 says:

    @sambo123271 I got it as a clone from the dispensary here in Cali but you
    can order some from tga seeds they created the strain

  23. SirSly420 says:

    It took alot of practice and its really hard to explain how since its just
    normal for me . I can even do fat ass “breath rings ” without any smoke if
    its cold enough outside 😉

  24. SirSly420 says:

    @aunex559 not sure maybe 30-45 mins , as long as u have em water I think
    they’ll be good for at least an hour .

  25. Mr420rush says:

    this is by far one of the easiest to understand videos. thanks man