How to Clone Cannabis Like a Pro Rooting clones Fast! Part 2

How to Clone Cannabis Like a Pro Rooting clones Fast! Part 2

Remember to always use RO water with 18/6 light schedule, plants need sleep to root and grow. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dinafem Seeds OG Kush is used to make marijuana clones in this how to video. Nothing fancy, just some well thought out chopping. Purchase my Marijuana Smoker…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. Dan Thomas says:

    cloning gels and powders are good for soil but not as good for aerocloners
    because the hormone clogs the manifold. also its important to know that the
    cutting manufactures its own hormone so one isn’t necessary.

  2. Gavin Jasper says:

    sweet. thanks for the tips.. Im gonna give this a shot.. LOVE THE ROOTS

  3. 2009stevecry says:

    LMAO! I tried this method with lettuce and radishes from seed… they are
    taking off like a rocket!!!! On day five; 6″ tall Radishes, and 4″ letuce,
    using Kratky method (standing water, no power hydroponics). Thanks Hygro!

  4. Ahmed Malik says:


  5. chrisy8285 says:

    Do yo missed or leave..long b4 u take done off again?

  6. chrisy8285 says:

    Oh yes do u put them over a heat mat1?need it or not…peace n respect frm
    Glasgow Scotland UK

  7. chrisy8285 says:

    I’mhow long thay take to root with ur metod? Could I add small drop
    s,thrive in the mix? Soak 24hr then.. How meant ppm would I have to have e
    With 1ltr of watter as thts all I need made up at 1time myfriend..

  8. chrisy8285 says:

    What oh will I.have it at aswell:-D

  9. chrisy8285 says:

    Will when I take clones just leave in dome ten days then check them n leave
    them 24hour lght n heat mat or tht,, root riots work safest n this method..
    Peace n respect frm Glasgow Scotland UK

  10. chrisy8285 says:

    Do you take dome off daily to mist,x

  11. Logan Hentko says:

    By soaking your root riots in the bigbloom mixture do you fear the riots
    maybe losing the base nutrients they came included with? Because I went
    with them and I was just wondering if you have noticed a difference in
    soaking them or just adding the nuts to the cube in a smaller container?
    any feedback is appreciated Hygro but if not i’ll be doing a little
    experiment myself 😀

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  14. P Smith says:

    When using Rock Wool to make clones I almost always avoid the hole
    provided. I like to poke a needle or a skinny nail in it to make a tight
    fit around my clone. It works best for me to just move over from the hole
    in the center just a little and make a new hole there. And I put the clone
    about half to 3/4 of the way in the cube. A snug fit keeps air out and
    moisture in contact with the plant. Hope this helps. Trish

  15. PurpFumez says:

    i call the great white “MICRO-HORSES” LOL. them horsepowers haha

  16. rober schuler says:

    hey guess what else “DOES NOT MATTER” all that shit you add to root your
    cuttings. If you like clonex so much just use the liquid to root your
    cuttings it works great!!!! besides the faster the clone roots and gets out
    of the dome and into its normal growing area the better.

  17. mrhempoilsoldier says:

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  18. LEN MAY says:

    Great vid bro.. Quick question ..yeah it may be dumb , but i have to ask.
    “do your indica clones root that easy too.? “

  19. mrhempoilsoldier says:

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  22. chaparral285 says:

    Enjoyed your video! Question on inserting the clone into the cube though.
    Do you just put it in the hole provided and leave it in there kinda loose
    or do you force it down the hole further where it seems to be a tighter
    fit? Thanks

  23. Onesixcruz says:

    What’s that whistle sound every time you breath?is that why you
    medicate?thanks for the video hope you get better

  24. mrhempoilsoldier says:

    in a mere 13 seconds I had to stop you have no cuttings yet you expect new
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    i throw you a few widow seeds? you grow em up then we can watch what will
    be an epic cloning video sorry i am laughing my ass of at this clone like a
    pro hahahahaha pros have plants.. just sayin

  25. sule1047 says:

    do u use regular tap water

  26. Matt Mernagh says:

    it’s better be to busted in broad daylight surrounded by your friends than
    to picked off one by one in an dark alley.

  27. OHIOFIGHTFAN says:

    Well that is because I am not dumb enough to put my business all over the
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  28. Matt Mernagh says:

    went to your page to see an example of your grow skills. something to learn
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  29. OHIOFIGHTFAN says:

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  30. Matt Mernagh says:

    lol. why are you yelling? your points would be taken much more seriously.
    also if you had a photo of some kind would help. see the plant beside me
    and the MTV mic?

  31. Matt Mernagh says:

    disagree. it takes thinking beforehand to make proper cuts. there’s plenty
    of clone vids

  32. OHIOFIGHTFAN says:


  33. SirxSmokexAlot says:

    Hey Matt come check out some grow videos i just posted up

  34. p3t3rxp4n says:

    this video doesnt even show you how to clone fukn stupid i can just cut a
    branch off my plant too show us the process and what you use and how it
    worked for you or just make the headline which branch to cut for clones
    sorry to be a buster u get a dislike for ur video from me lol

  35. Matt Mernagh says:

    well there’s only too dislikes. so you wanted a half hour video that you
    would probably watch for 3 minutes? or do you want it broke it up into a
    series of videos that you will watch?

  36. capricechild92 says:

    Ocean Grown.

  37. cd123atd4e says:

    @Matt Mernagh yep yep

  38. chrisinspects007 says:

    OG just means bomb ass weed. Like this shit us crip, then it turned into OG
    like this shit is OG “original ganster”_ don’t let anyone else tell you

  39. Matt Mernagh says:

    thank you! i’ll make an effort to keep the film rolling next time i take
    clones. book signings in London are happening soon!

  40. Matt Mernagh says:

    sounds possible!

  41. Matt Mernagh says:

    i have 150 watt HPS in a small starter veg space two 600 watt HPS in flower
    and 100watt LED too in flowering space

  42. erictiner says:

    Thanks for the quick response Matt! If l am out of surgery and mobile I
    will definitely be there to have my copy signed! Keep up the great work.

  43. cd123atd4e says:

    yeah it depends on space also.. The smaller spaces utitlize cfls better
    than huge areas

  44. Matt Mernagh says:

    great comment! thanks for the feedback

  45. Matt Mernagh says:

    weedy welcome!

  46. Cryptopolis says:

    This is straight from Dinafem’s website: “The Original Gangster Kush was
    created in California, near Los Angeles, in San Fernando Valley, after 3
    generations of crossing and stabilization.” Some people think that it
    stands for “Over Grow” as well.

  47. MrNoCommonCent says:

    At least in my room it stands for overweight girl

  48. Cryptopolis says:

    “Ocean grown”? Does that mean that it’s kush grown in the ocean? 🙂

  49. rastamatt585 says:

    All weed need is light and dirt

  50. cd123atd4e says:

    Too bad its stands for ocean grown .. An og in gang use . Means original
    gangsta .. Check it .. Im deffinately rite .. No offense intended . Just
    being correct. is always recomended