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  1. Wee Joe says:

    Dipping your cubes TWICE a day? You want to make your clones work for their
    water in a nursery under a 200wt bulb (Or even a household 60 wt for 18
    hrs) not saturate them. I know this and don’t even smoke or grow weed….

  2. TheEjack662 says:


  3. randysspot says:


  4. wellandlife says:

    overwatering clones

  5. xDIRTYSOUTHx says:


  6. chroniclivin says:

    i wouldn’t use your nutrients at this stage, if u use anything olivias
    cloning solution or maybe clonex’s to soak the cubes, plants with no roots
    can’t eat until they have roots, you want hormones not food, you want
    humidity 100% for first few days so the plants can drink thru there leaves,
    i use a dome and heat pad with small amount of distilled water in the
    bottom of tray (not enough to soak) air is a must so crack the window in
    the dome.. clones should always be fine, wash tools with alcohol

  7. MrNativedude says:

    Those clones look like you took them to early !

  8. Koonkus says:

    I never knew clones were ready for swimming lessons at such an early age.
    Shit, I wait months before I give em to mine. I’m behind the times, to say
    the least!

  9. Ace Spade says:

    1:30 rape 1:16 murder

  10. ToKeNhI says:

    1:13 you fucking killed it 1:28 you SODOMIZED it Ohh it loves it alright…
    fucking goof

  11. peinerchestical says:

    Where do you get those cubes?

  12. johnny aguirre says:

    420megamike XD probly the biggest grow fail in all of youtube

  13. Harpo C says:

    @MrNativedude I’ve watched many videos on here where the growers butcher
    the plants up . I’d rather top my plants and afterward when the side limbs
    pop on out top them. Get the plants strong & sturdy ,,,bush them out a
    little and then start making cuttings. I’ve cloned some really small
    cuttings & they will root,,some easier than others depending on the
    genetics of the seed your working with. I root my clones in dirt & sand
    mix. I have a 100% criminal record certification.

  14. jackson66618 says:

    what the hell did i just watch?

  15. TheCj1970 says:

    he sounds like mr. Garrison from south park.. mm kay?

  16. artistdanable says:

    General Hydroponics are the best bro. you should keep those in a humidity
    dome and keep the RH @ 100%.

  17. Omar Fierro says:

    lol at first i thought you had tht cup with water and air-stone to keep
    humidity up then you go taking about nutes and dunking your clones in it lol

  18. ToKeNhI says:

    Oh shit…

  19. ste Hib says:

    what a load of bollox

  20. jgreddy84 says:

    @chroniclivin my mans got it,i just said basically wut u did haha without
    readin before hand but yea def right on.i do wut u do almost to a t lol.but
    if he uses our pointers hell have nice bushy plants (make sure u top them
    bitches n make more clones)


    light+rockwool=algea thats gonna be a major problem in the long run and
    this info is coming from a southern oregon medical grower

  22. jgreddy84 says:

    dude ur not suppose to add nutriets or keep dippin ur cubes 2 times a
    day..thas nuts balanced water week before u cut ur clones and only
    ph balanced water during cloning growth.keep a dome on them-80 percent
    humidity n mist every few days ur shits would pop.r u tryign new
    experiments or something is that why?or messin with them alot becus they
    dont seem to be having a jumpy growth they all seem to much filled with
    water…droopy leaves

  23. AIM2C3 says:

    idiot.. wow u are not very educated!!

  24. Mike Rizzo says:

    LOL!! YOU SEE THESE COMMENTS, UPLOADER??? It means you’re a dumbass LOL!!!

  25. Tommy TheTuna says:

    Hey bra your gear looks good except you seem to be using a green
    light… do understand plants dont utilize green right?

  26. DARKVADE420 says:

    im sorry man you fried all of your plants with that 1000 dollar nute
    investment you need to go watch your friend more ,all that talk before you
    showed your stash i thought you had some majestic nugs in that closet.

  27. Daniel Brock says:

    Hey bro, you should take those seedlings out of the dome, put a fan on
    them, and bring a cfl real close. This will keep them from falling over in
    a few days… Looks good though…

  28. mcpsoundman says:


  29. WeedBarberTv says:

    when can you put nutes in your plants i have a 2week plant can i start

  30. rolltidematt92 says:

    cool video man, enjoy ur vids

  31. DARKVADE420 says:

    The price for that liquid is out of the sky you would think with the boost
    of growers after so many states went medical legal,this might create a
    market for these products.Someone needs to open a factory that can mass
    produce this stuff fast enough to get it sold faster.

  32. Dj FarrOut says:


  33. TheeBudGuru says:

    Feed them lots of sugars and carbs weeks 3-7!

  34. nickothompson says:

    Stop Mixing organic and synthetic and you will get better results… try
    using roots organics full Organic line in a 10 gallon pot, use Reverse
    osmosis water and just add 10 ml of Cal Mag with all water and get 1-2
    pounds! Your plants don’t even look healthy, but you’ll learn eventually.

  35. Joey Rodriguez says:

    let me just say that i’m using a.n. and the bigger flowers system and they
    mix organic nutes with chemical nute to get bigger yeilds so they say but
    thats why i’m trying it out so happy growing everybody

  36. TheeBudGuru says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  37. bignam21 says:

    reserva privadas sour kush or headband gets beefy and stays at a medium

  38. TheeBudGuru says:


  39. masonblazin says:

    @LegalizeIsrael cannabis all around has medicinal values bud. like
    weedman420147 said, thats what flushing is for. stop hating

  40. nickothompson says:

    Stop Mixing organic and synthetic and you will get better results… try
    using roots organics full Organic line in a 10 gallon pot, use Reverse
    osmosis water and just add 10 ml of Cal Mag with all water and get 1-2

  41. Mike Hydro says:

    I been watching you a while and I gotta say guru things are looking better
    and better …I enjoy your videos 🙂 Keep up the good stuff and keep the
    videos going .. LIfes a garden dig it pece

  42. 34jbernard says:

    very nice video i like the combination of nutes

  43. intercannabis says:

    I likes your vids,thx man I’m glad u posted

  44. TheeBudGuru says:


  45. Jackenzison says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on graphing and I noticed in the couple
    videos I have seen of yours you tell it forward with no Bullshit. If there
    is and issue in your garden you explain and your always trying new things.
    I have a lemon haze and a strawberry kush and was wondering if you have
    ever pulled a clone off a grafted limb? In theory it should take on form of
    both plants.

  46. jeepMI says:

    Umm Kay lol Soth park just playin but I thought it was funny

  47. joe blow says:

    endo ecto

  48. SF10DANK says:

    What was it that koma and ur grower buddy told u to do???

  49. bigspintantien says:

    The only thing i can ask for you is to help your local stores as much as
    possible. Dont let shops loose biz to online outlets. But love everything
    else your doing. Just dont like seeing places go under because people want
    to save a few bucks. Freshly subbed. Peace and pot

  50. TheeBudGuru says:

    @mcpsoundman Yes, I was using “Botanicare – Liquid Karma”. Trying out
    “Roots Organics – Trinity” this time.