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10 Responses

  1. Dakai2007 says:

    You’ve been busy homie that’s what’s up everything is looking good but let me ask you why did you leave the root balls in the soil when you transplanted the clones in the net basket you aren’t worried of the soil clogging your system

  2. gstatiz79 says:

    I need help with the top of the big mainstays bucket for flowering. How did you make it?

  3. Herbal Meds says:

    how often do you change the nutrients with the 5 gal bucket? and how do you drain it with the scrog net on. also if im using filtered water but NOT R/O water what should my ppm reading come too. i been watching hygrohybrid and he got me watching you and im looking to try out DWC thanks to you guys. thanks for a reply in advance and keep it green boss

  4. TWITCH3D0UT says:

    look at you homie DWC pro hahaha good shit!

  5. dowserdude says:

    Any more updates from Tim’s grow?

  6. Major Burns says:

    shit looks hella healthy bro.. Nice work.
    Much love from up north

  7. Deschain420 says:

    0:39 You’re welcome.

  8. lettucetoke says:

    Looking good bro, nice setup.

  9. Jay C says:

    Super cool setup

  10. Aristotle The Green says:

    nice what strain looks like a nice sativa