Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant

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34 Responses

  1. Jon Cole says:

    Just looks like a big calyx to me…wheres the stem of the sac??

  2. 2342bigman says:

    when can I tell the sex of the plant mines are seedlings still I don’t want
    a male or hermaphrodite to fuck my shit up plus is a hermie basically a
    plant that just has the nut sacks and hairs?

  3. Wav Syntax says:

    Hey man thanks for clearing that up, I had no idea what physical attributes
    to look for in a hermaphrodite before watching this.

  4. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Hey, I’d be happy to help you with any growing questions you might have 🙂
    You will only generally get hermaphrodite seeds from hermaphrodite plants..
    which is also the same way to make feminized seeds (another discussion).
    Once your budding (12/12) cycle, you will want to kill and remove anything
    that is not a female. You might want to get some nutes for when the plant
    starts fruiting.. and at least 3 gallon grow pots. And the plants you see
    in the video are auto flower 🙂 Hope this helps!

  5. Racky8790 says:


  6. Mr Jhonson clark says:

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  7. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    That’s the question I’ve been wondering, and never found a straight forward
    answer too.. I’d just assume that a natural born hermaphrodite would be
    better seeing as it’s born with the genetic makeup, therefor the
    chromosomes are already chosen.. Where as a forced hermi is like a human
    getting a sex change and expecting to have kids.. Again, I’m no botanist
    and those comparisons probably aren’t relevant lol. I guess if we knew,
    then there wouldn’t be seed bank companies selling fem seeds lol

  8. HAZ-EK9 says:

    Plz get better camera and lighting

  9. TheGrow Pro says:

    breed with plants from a completely different environment. The traits from
    the two are mixed in the new hybrid genetics. Then the new strain is grow
    in a new environment and this is where the stress comes in. the traits of
    the two cannabis plants can be easily stressed because they are already
    trying to adapt to the new environment with new traits.. Now is this a bad
    thing?…..No the breeding between the different genetics has proven to
    produce more yields, and higher quality medicine as well.

  10. claybo069 says:

    Everyone no joke use Dutch master reverse it actually works saved me !!

  11. Panos Mixalopoulos says:

    hey man gongrats for your videos.good job.one of my plants it stop produse
    white hairs at the top of the plant an i see some bannanas flower.what is
    that?at the bottom of the plant everything its ok.what you sugest me to do?

  12. remyol1 says:

    hey, i get 1 female but her dad or both mom and dad were hermis.. could it
    be a pure female?

  13. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Hey Vince! Sadly, not much you can do to change it :/ Dutch Master makes a
    nutrient called “Reverse” that is “suppose” to be a pre-caution spray to
    stop anything from turning herm. (Never used it myself) But, after they are
    already herm, it’s pretty much too late. Gonna just have to pull it and
    take the losses my friend! 🙁 A wise gardener once told me, “A professional
    would just take their losses and move on; there is no such thing as a
    gardener that doesn’t ever lose”

  14. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    And another 13 seconds you wasted writing a comment 😉

  15. laura wilson says:

    you people are obviously fried, Ive been doing this since 1980 I all that
    time I had 1 hermophidite. It was clearly a result of heat stress. Be kind
    to your plants.Love yourself most. Flower Power

  16. Terp Grease says:

    Since you have professional opinions,can you tell me anything about
    genotypic difference of hermaphroditism, and genetic predisposition to
    express monoecious traits. Thanks

  17. DWC annabis says:

    Dude, thanks for name-dropping that product! I had no idea such a thing
    existed. lol I just ordered some for emergency situations.

  18. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    thanks 🙂

  19. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    How far into flower are you? You should try Dutch Master Reverse if you are
    seeing the beginning signs of nanners.. If they are developed, you might
    have to just trash the plant :/

  20. fagnergsferreira says:

    hi guy,if you has this plant after of 10week’s?is possible see the new
    flowers with some seeds?this is your fist hermaphrodite plant?you harvest

  21. mongke says:

    Who the fuck puts a 0:40 intro on a 3 minute video?

  22. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    If you see frost (trich’s) for sure you can scrap it for hash.. How far
    into flower are they? It sounds like they turned (or are trying) to herm
    out because of stress. A natural hermi will grow both parts right off the
    bat. When you get tiny undeveloped white seeds that appear out of nowhere
    during the end of flower, it’s likely due to stress, male pollen or
    chemicals (superthrive pops hermies in flower sometimes)

  23. jimmy beam says:


  24. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Yea they are way too unpredictable.. Feminized seeds are also a huge waste
    of time in my opinion.. heard more horror stories than success.. Not saying
    they are total garbage, by why roll the dice?

  25. maxxikiller says:

    If you’ve been growing that long, maybe you could answer my question? If i
    get a hermaphrodite plant, would it be possible to just cut of the pollen

  26. Mint Berry says:

    That dont looks like a cannabis plant.

  27. Phillip Satola says:

    It’s pretty much ditch weed but yes you can, a better idea is to make hash
    from them.

  28. tha docta says:

    Yeah the leaves around the buds have crystals on them. There called sugar
    leaves. But it be better if you used them to make hash or wax

  29. coffeecrumble27 says:

    thanks thanks for info man 😀

  30. 860buddah says:

    yea you can as long as they have crystals on them. but it wont taste as
    good as when you smoke the buds.

  31. acapolcogold says:

    you can still do it without more soil or space , loop a string around the
    branch and then bring string just taught and tape it to the rim of the pot
    works very well and you avoid staking the soil to much and possibly
    damaging roots , shorter the string farther the branch will fan out

  32. StandardRampp says:


  33. Kelly Sealy says:

    Awesome i just started with 2 plants, like any new grower I’m freaking out
    about the little things. Thanks so much for all your advice, it really

  34. coffeecrumble27 says:

    can you dry up the leaves and smoke it too?