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25 Responses

  1. Ryan Brogden says:

    it was 8 gram bud and few g trim.

  2. Andrew Pyrah says:
  3. jacob blinkhorn says:

    I say about 14 to 15 gs dried

  4. haloluver123 says:

    Hello can anybody tell me how Track and Trace works? i live in germany and
    i heard track and trace is where you have to personally sign something i
    don’t want to do that but please somebody explain EVERYTHING about track
    and trace because my orders aren’t getting through for some reason they
    just don’t come to my house since i changed my address once and thats it
    but its still the same address so wtf i have been waiting for 3 weeks for
    my order the first time i ordered STANDARD OWN RISK once i got my 2 seeds
    and my grinder didn’t come so i wrote them saying it didn’t come and they
    shipped the grinder i got it in 2 days but when i ordered again 2 seeds
    they never arrived (Standard own risk) and in germany seeds are not
    illegal. So i ordered AGAIN with (standard own risk) now i have been
    waiting 3 days since shipping which is quit normal I just want somebody to
    tell me who has experience with track and trace everything you have to do
    when the package arrives thank you!

  5. alan lee says:

    Did you use any fertiliser during the process? 

  6. Steven Lingard says:

    38.42916 LBS.!

  7. no0bgamingHD says:

    19.6 grams

  8. Christian Rivera says:

    +blackproffet i just purchased a bluematic seed. Any tips on how to
    maximize my harvest yield? And what was your setup like?

  9. Jessy Joe says:

    I stated 14 grams …..

  10. Jessy Joe says:

    14 grams dried with no substantial stems or extra trim.

  11. Ben Mclean says:

    Where the fuck in the UK do you live?! A quater is £70 here in london!

  12. Matt Squires says:

    18.5 Grams Dry.

  13. DJ SICK__BOY says:

    weed freak pls))

  14. says:


  15. rhartline7 says:

    Im guessing that branch u are holding by the way not weight of entire

  16. connorswain3 says:

    8 grams

  17. Kenny Roadknight says:

    Hi Andy. About18.5 grams dry is my guess. Have a great day.✌❤

  18. MuhammadDerkaDerka says:

    36.6 grams after drying

  19. AZ4MMJ says:

    28 GRAMS

  20. itsazy says:


  21. Mario Flo says:

    22g bro

  22. thefallfever says:

    30 gram

  23. Greg Jensen says:

    9 grams

  24. Brett Molineux says:

    even if its shit yard weed. its weed all the same , you can smoke up all
    day for free . i wish i could have free weed. i would be one happy man

  25. MrGND1 says: