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  1. aidan21 says:

    tune too.

  2. WB H says:

    yo im growing this year again down in Cornwall, weathers so random but
    growing purple power, special kush, kc 36 and kc 33, think these strains
    are any good?

  3. carlos martinez says:

    Skun #1?

  4. whiteranger77 says:

    i bn thinking of giving it a go theres british outdoor mix seeds from
    rhino’s recomended outdoor can u let me know what u think has i havent done
    an outdoor

  5. rusty trichomes says:

    look rhinos seeds hooland hope or purple power both do well uk

  6. NottzMMA says:

    @skislalomuk thanks man, what so you just waterd twice and left em to it?
    how about april for planting? or is it to early not realy used to outdoor
    grows tbf mate

  7. buakawfan333 says:

    @skislalomuk john innes is the bollocks 🙂 i had 3 in miracle grow freuit n
    veg bag with perlite n a lil vermiculite and one in john innes with perlite
    n vermiculite. never had any problems with the john innes soil, its
    occupant was a deep green colour and never looked over or under watered,
    the other either ran out of nitrogen or got some kind of self inflicted
    nutrient block coz of the miracle grow soil. john innes all teh way !!
    altho stakeing a cane in john innes first is a good idea

  8. GrowLightSource says:

    @robtang10304 This is why greenhouses are so useful. Here in California one
    can get up to 4 drops a year in a greenhouse with supplemental lighting and
    blackout shading, I am sure you can get two to three in the UK. The best
    lights to use are Inda-Gro with the Greenhouse Day-Lighting feature. See
    successful grows and find links to buy Inda-Gro Lights at the
    GrowLightSource channel.

  9. bubblebagmagic says:

    1.6 for 20 pound shud just knock the little prick out n take his whole
    28grams for free just for taking the piss 2g in cov and most of country for
    20 pound it’s adiscrace, grow upto nine plants and get caught little fine
    and on ya way new sentence guidelines if u can prove it personal and
    proving u use it for medical properties hepls

  10. 79cookie says:

    how close would you get to it before you could smells them ?

  11. gorbachopor2 says:


  12. usVsthem591 says:

    Do you dig the ground up a lot before planting them.? It just turn it over

  13. skislalomuk says:

    @reidy1012 planted in July – very late – i watered them in and again a week
    later then left them to do there thing, harvested end of september due to
    bud rot. To get really big plants plant out beginning of may.

  14. skislalomuk says:

    @CRABPOTZ24 Just give them a good water once a week until their roots have
    established, after that they will find their own water, iv only watered my
    plants twice this year 🙂

  15. kronos123ful says:

    How much for an ounce and how many grams, and how many grams in an 1/8 in
    london, mate?

  16. medicineeman says:

    How many hours of sunlight do these babies get?

  17. skislalomuk says:

    @robtang10304 we do but you need to pick your strain very carefully must be
    outdoors and short flowering. The ones that are working for me this year
    are purple maroc, purple #1, easy sativa.

  18. Blackwell000 says:

    Quality mate, currently got some stinky Lemon on the grow now! Love it

  19. bubblebagmagic says:

    Remember it’s ur human right to have whatever!!!

  20. money4me1000 says:


  21. nimmy yousaf says:

    how much for a kilo

  22. skislalomuk says:

    @unclebudful thanks. What strain you got?

  23. skislalomuk says:

    produced the next year 2011 with more experience. Pulled 25 ounces 😉

  24. nikelover1994 says:

    how do i make my plant not grow that tall at all i want mine maybe 70cm ?

  25. komaki119 says:


  26. trendyasdabbers says:

    another awesome harvest video!

  27. ANoisyMindIsEvilDuhh says:

    Raising and killing cattle is legal but growing weed is illegal?

  28. don bailey says:

    Very nice garden!

  29. toermalijn11 says:

    we in poland take all of this pland with roots them later drying and

  30. The Cure 4 Cannabis says:

    Epic lookin harvest brother, what does one of those candy kush girls yield?

  31. Civic Sickness says:

    u gotta post a video today of harvest and more of the haunted house asap im
    missing u only been watching your videos this season didnt know u existed

  32. johnnysmodel says:

    Happy croptober bro

  33. Ryan420 says:

    I never manage to catch your live shows because of international time
    differences but thanks again for another cool vid 🙂

  34. SickenedSparrow says:

    Why don’t you trim before you dry so you don’t loose as many triks when
    it’s dry?

  35. Ras Tafari says:

    LOL dino sneaking in some face time around 14:10

  36. copperSHANKA says:

    Better to take all your leafs off first

  37. DeadFlorist says:

    I like spliffs and blunts too man, just so much herb. Little zombie girls
    are my phobia , yikes. Love dah vids man PeAcE

  38. AyOiTz Akaimenotenshi says:

    Trendy tell that dude to get his cig away from your gold lol!

  39. MrDopealope says:

    man that is some awesome blossoms man right on

  40. samuel rosado says:

    Great video

  41. Patrick De Freitas says:

    great plants man!

  42. n3nshat11 says:


  43. TheRadboy84 says:

    Lmao dino,fuck the world!!!!! I hear that man.

  44. DeadFlorist says:

    I can’t tell , is the man in the beginning smoking a cig? Just surprised ,
    naice crop dawgs

  45. JSchlongMasterDong says:

    nice shirt man love the bad girls bail bond lol

  46. august west says:

    why would someone give the finger when harvesting?i thought cannabis was
    supposed to help the world to be a better place not ftw.self centered

  47. slickademus says:

    Wish u wos my Dad man

  48. stirchronic says:

    way to go man lovee the kandykush

  49. HASHHASSIN says:

    I hear you Dino…%100 agree with you bro…

  50. yoitsralph says:

    haha fn dino you cracked me up