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13 Responses

  1. M Ramirez says:

    is that bomb???????

  2. packerify says:

    i want one.

  3. MrDionysos23 says:

    put in some clonex…roots qicker.

  4. sweetweed4me says:

    those are for a arero cloner 2 in round got them at a garden store the only
    thing a 2 in hole cutter makes the hole alittle big for the puck so you
    should drill hole in something that not yur top to se how the puck fits in
    my drop right thow it how the help .

  5. Silentmunkey1 says:

    Hey what the black PAC man rubber things called that the actual clones are
    siting in?

  6. sweetweed4me says:

    Thanks Karina Happy New Year to you to hope you have rock in year love your
    video stone can do request for you if you like smoke on girl and thanks

  7. sweetweed4me says:

    Yea the bubbler nice the best % that I can get 100%. The next video is how
    to build the bubbler you should subscribe and see all my videos.

  8. fozzythemexican says:

    good video, the bubbler is nice.

  9. Karina061988 says:

    cheers man !! happy holidays to you !

  10. odin422 says:

    wow im impressed

  11. sweetweed4me says:

    @bianchibiach sweet call it what you will

  12. AbstraktTV09 says:

    love the zeppelin man…great video!

  13. sweetweed4me says:

    I have a video on me putting in soil with no problems.