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24 Responses

  1. Brandon Brown says:

    Where can i obtain 5-20-5 fertilizer? or is there something similar i should use in the budding stage?

  2. Documents Fu says:

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  3. angela garris says:

    Can I use cfl’s for the whole growth?

  4. JonG2385 says:

    Yes but when using CFLs, your plants are stretching and not really building strong stalks and branches. So when flowering these, just try to get them good support like bamboo sticks and such because they wont be able to hold themselves up. Also, the size of your roots determine the size of your buds so veg stage is very important, people forget that. Try a Silica Blast to promote cell wall growth, as well as a root booster.

  5. khan mark says:

    can i put plants to flower 12/12 under 600w straight from 55w cfl light which i am using for vegging for 3 weeks

  6. last rockhill says:

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  7. George Snowdon says:

    I bought a neat little grow box 20″x20″x42″h and it came with a 30watt multiple LED light. I have 3 plants in it, almost ready for harvest

  8. melissa surdyk says:

    thanks for all the good info and it was very helpful

  9. TheRogicK says:

    Your plants will be fine using a 20-20-20 fertilizer for the whole grow, they just wont produce nearly as much bud and the quality will be low.
    If moneys tight you could buy a nitrogen heavy fertilizer first when you start growing, then you got over a month untill you need to buy the phosphorus one.
    The extra investment will more than pay itself off when you harvest.

  10. mdurand1318 says:

    thanks dude was very helpful

  11. Alan Doyle says:

    Your the man! Thanks………………….

  12. Josh Gay says:

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  13. remle0923 says:

    Thanks for sharing

  14. elijah demas says:

    need some more advice on growing hit me up on skype elijahmeech

  15. Dollar12gurl says:

    4:20 awesome song choice ^.^

  16. j HUssAIN says:

    amazing video proper helped me alot thanks 

  17. Cody Mandic says:

    Also, I understand the importance of fertilizer, but say i used an all purpose 20 20 20 fertilizer for the entire grow, how would that work?

  18. Cody Mandic says:

    I’m in Australia currently, money is tight, the best deal on cfl’s i can get is 3 15 watt 6500k, would that be good enough if i had two plants surrounded in mylar with those lights?

  19. briansgotacrush says:

    The whole “not watering on the finale stage of budding” helps a LOT so you don’t have to cure your buds that long

  20. ThePhenomXYZ says:

    Perfect, most concise and accurate guide ive seen yet, thankyou

  21. HrWoprock says:

    do i need fertilizer to weed grow better?

  22. Peter P. says:

    Thank you, that makes sense.

  23. Elija Montgomery-Smith says:

    Because if you use a too large pot the plant might have a hard time getting the water when it’s roots aren’t developed yet.

  24. Peter P. says:

    somebody asked earlier why can’t we just start with a large pot and bypass the transplanting process completely. Does anyone know?