Growing Marijuana – 6 Cannabis Strains In A Very Hot Climate

For more information, visit: These ladies have been on the 12/12 light cycle for about 4 weeks now and some are barely starti…
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How To Grow Cannabis At Home  1 - Applied Materials

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation This is a beginner’s best guide to growing cannabis that puts everything in plain and simple English, and doesn’t go to deep into…
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5 Responses

  1. richard clausen says:

    what music is in the beginning 😛

  2. 734dubboi says:

    im sorry but that was awful.

  3. neil hayes says:

    they need scrapped

  4. Tony T. says:

    I can’t stand it when you guys titel these videos like you are going to
    lern something rom it and it turn ot to be the same ol’ blsh blah…

  5. socalhippie hashman says:

    lookin great man!hopefully the heat won”t stress the plant out too much esp
    since there in flowering.