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16 Responses

  1. matthew mccullough says:

    Your plants look dopee man keep up the good work…am a new grower and if
    you could search growing marijuana (dope) can you tell me why my plant is
    growing but getting brown and yellow tips please..

  2. Drew Grow says:

    You could tell me if you post them on your channel or email me the pics as
    a attachment to .But I hope you noticed that was a
    autoflower strain. It grows like 1/3 faster. The downside of them is much
    less weight at harvest. They are great as a first grow but longer term I
    personally don’t think so..

  3. unionmade466 says:

    How can I show you my 14day old plant maybe leme know what else to do I
    think its growing great

  4. Scott Pearson says:

    dope video man,

  5. B CBB says:

    Hey just wondering did u already start fertilizing?

  6. Jay Smith says:

    Hi there! I have been following your channel for some time now, and i’v
    finnaly started to grow my own! I wonder if i can contact you and send you
    pics of my small babys and you can tell me if im doing anything wrong?
    Would be awsome! Thanks for all the vids! You rock

  7. Drew Grow says:

    Those grow faster because they are Autoflowering strains. I was just using
    23 watt compact florescent lights like in the video I made ” Growing
    Marijuana with only cfl lights.” You can grow a plant with about 3 of them.
    You start with one per plant and as it grows keep adding a bulb. They are
    only like $2 each. Now if you want to grow a lot of plants you want to go
    with a High pressure sodium system but that will set you back about $300
    but you are going to get many ounces.

  8. Drew Grow says:

    Did you see the other video’s I made in this series ? I recorded the entire
    grow of this autoflower strain

  9. unionmade466 says:

    Hey man did u geta see my plant

  10. Drew Grow says:

    I don’t see any plants on your channel?

  11. willydeezle says:

    hey man what kind of light do you use? where can I buy it and how much
    roughly? very nice after 14 days man good job

  12. Drew Grow says:

    Anytime 🙂

  13. Drew Grow says:

    I dont understand why not but if you search seed banks they are many in
    Europe and Canada..But unless you are looking for a rare strain it would be
    best to search on Weedmaps for a dispensary that has clones. The average
    donation is about $10 and you could make more clones from that one.

  14. Drew Grow says:

    I probably started to fertilize about that time. Did you watch all the
    videos from that Jet-47 autobloom grow? It is the only time I have taken
    videos from start to finish. I know most growers have never done a
    autobloom because it can not be done by a clone,only seeds.

  15. DIPLO PENZ says:

    I tried ordering the seeds and it said they don’t ship to where i live
    could you help me out bro?

  16. Victor Maradiaga says:

    I have been growing my own also i need help its a female crip weed plant 5
    weeks old