Greenhouse Grow 2014 “Bloom Tea’s and Finally Solving Some Issues”


The Lecture, 25th High Times Cannabis Cup | Soma's Sacred Seeds

We are at the 25th annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, where Soma is talking to his audience. Soma talks about his past. His life at IBM, his first …
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49 Responses

  1. Intoxicating Smoke says:

    yeah i’ve never seen anything like that. thanks for sharing.. sorry we all
    have to learn from your challenges..
    i’m glad your willing to take the time to make these videos for us. you
    give us a lot of information each video and I have to say thank you!!!
    Your the bomb.

  2. gilliteen says:

    I like to mix the Monterey with azamax. Preventative maintenance once a
    week till flower. Also just the Monterey in early flower. 

  3. Ben Noneya says:

    Looking great bro! How long did it take to upload that?!!! I have slow
    internet and it took me all damn night to upload the vid I sent to you! I
    know you’re busy buy I am anxiously awaiting to see what ya think. I also
    threw some pics on your website in case anyone was following! Finally in
    the home stretch! I’m stoked!

  4. Skunk Labs Horticulture says:

    You can also use our foliar products Plant Cleanse and Vital Rinse to
    remove your thrip infestation, it’s very effective against mites & white
    flies as well. It also removes powdery mildew and is safe to use through
    harvest. If you get into the budding stage and need a product that you can
    spray without causing mildew, Plant Cleanse will effectively treat and
    prevent possible mildew out breaks while spraying heavily in flower. And it
    will eliminate the thrips after a few good weeks of spraying.

  5. 14lofer says:

    so you adding tea to the supersoil right 

  6. suckmyjgon says:

    was there ever a ph problem or was it the thrips after you started ph ing u
    said your plants started to look better. how did they not get worse with
    the thrips,looks like caught at the right time to save your garden. lady
    bugs are a good idea for next the tea tips and the garden peace

  7. TheeBudGuru says:

    Those little bastards can get real bad here in Colorado!

  8. Skunk Labs Horticulture says:

    The earthworm castings and ancient forest is going to be your main supply
    of microbes, the Bio Weed doesn’t contain microbes, however seaweed is a
    great catalyst and food source for your plants. Im glad that you removed
    the powdery amendments from your tea as they are best used in soil mixes.
    Also with that large of a brew you should definitely look into more air
    stones as the microbes require a bit more then that.

  9. Intoxicating Smoke says:

    wow you work your but off out there,.. what ever happened to k.i.s.s.?
    seems your doing more work this year.. lol

  10. Big Edd says:

    great show~Please keep them come’n. I am grow’n some of the same out doors
    here in the north east. N.Y.C.D., is kill’n it here. great info on the
    Tee’s. brew’n 1 now.

  11. Robert Charlton says:

    cant you use stuff like lady bugs or spiders for these pest?

  12. Drew boy says:

    Looks Great! I just found your channel and have been catching up on you lol
    You skills are undeniable!!! You Should stop by my channel and tell me what
    you think! i would love some good grower input and luv!!! Thanks 

  13. ESmokeDog says:

    Can you use humbolt hunny in place of the mollasis??So glad i found a vid
    on teas and hell you have on hell of a garden as well..New sub here..Weed
    Nerd For Life..

  14. TheMilezz says:

    BrownGuy, Line the “Sulfur pot” with Aluminum foil, EZ clean up! You know
    how much we love your vids my friend!
    Much love your guyz way.

  15. Deep Water Gardens says:

    Have you ever used Spirulina for plants?

  16. Geppy Gep says:

    The sulfur burn is for bugs??? …and can it be used indoors???
    Bean Luv

  17. justrick48 says:

    Hi not sure if you check your FB messages but I sent one that way

  18. kevin lolas says:

    and it should work for mites, anything soft bodied usually is done for

  19. Debbie Morris says:

    im s0rry f0r making s0 many p0sts br0wn guy……after we did the s0il
    drench it made all the white butterflys stay away f0r the first time during
    budding. s0 it was a win win f0r us in 0ur 0utd00r last year

  20. Rodney Gordon says:

    Molasses is like a led blanket to the microbs. Quit using the molasses.
    It’s cutting life from the plant

  21. mike mifflin says:

    yeah buddy – the life of a grower adapt and overcome – peace

  22. Uk Anabolic says:

    I have used Organic Blackstrap Molasses by Meridian, it’s sold in health
    food stores, much thicker than what you are using here, it is so thick i
    have to add it to hot water to get it to dissolve, works out very cheap and
    costs little to use, had excellent results using that.
    It comes in 350g and 740g jars where i am.

  23. Canna Storo says:

    garden is looking amazing! thanks for the update.

  24. walter escobar says:

    First.looking nice brother

  25. Death Amadaeus says:

    I have just seen my profile name “death amadaeus” and am going to change it
    as I realised how negative that is

  26. Death Amadaeus says:

    Soma I hope you read this because I really want you to know with all my
    heart, soul and mind how much I am gratefull for you opening me up, and
    letting my stress, anxiety, depression go in just watching and listening to
    your speeches of truth; I am 15, and have gone through alot- at the age of
    2 put into social services, my birth mother trying to kill me, my brother
    and herself 3 times lots of troubles, from moving to house to house, to
    being adopted at the age of 7 into a family of people that I do not
    understand; their very energy is just negative and what I believe to be
    wrong, I was abused, mistreated phycoligically, and hit; many things
    happened, and my own brother (we both sadly have never gotten on) told them
    of me buying cannabis, the peoples plant, curer of disease and health, it
    was my first time buying it and I did not understand it back then… I
    ended up staying most of the night in a small patch of trees, looking up at
    the stars and thinking,because of my own brother, and the harsh,
    non-understanding ignorant views of marijuana got me kicked out of that
    family for good, and back in with social services, and having to live with
    myself being labelled by the government and social services as having:
    “problems regarding cannabis” having never even smoked it when that label
    was given … Anyway I’ve kind of gotten off topic, after reading, learning
    and enjoying cannabis it upsets me so much to see, that only nearly 100
    years ago fields of cannabis grew regularly without the need of fertilisers
    and pesticides to aid peoples health, create paper and other useful
    appliances, and knowing it could be used to create fuel for non-carbon
    emmiting cars, yet it isn’t– because of old rumours spread by money
    incited individuals in america in the 1920’s/30’s for purely self gains.
    Having heard about you, leading me to having watched videos of you, it is
    so relieving and enlightening to know there are people out there that are
    making a difference and turning those views round for the betterment of
    humanity, I thank you again with all my heart soma, and when I can finally
    leave this negative place that I am in, I will travel the world (and
    internet) spreading the word of the peoples plant, and bringing it into the
    deserved light that it once had. Thank you soma, you saved my life. May be
    peace always be with you.

  27. ianm apsu says:


  28. Randy Marsh says:

    The price of seeds are too damn high!

  29. Flamez2k10 says:

    man these bitches love soma

  30. McRank87 says:

    Year soma,keep it up

  31. Paulo Andrade Santos says:


  32. 1sub10 says:

    £20 a seed!your seeds are to expensive

  33. Pablo Menendez says:

    good man, keep on keepin on Soma

  34. fullmeltdabber says:

    epic, love koma, hearing him speak is like meditation……

  35. Diggity Dank says:

    Glad this got posted Soma i fucken slept in this day and missed your
    lecture you and millas where the only two i planned on attending. Anyway
    slepped in and made it way after talked to you after and you said you would
    post it up on you tube. Nice thanks man.

  36. King Peezyworld says:

    best grower in the world

  37. bernard condon says:

    meet him in the greenhouse last week, he sat beside us passing us pipes and
    spiffs and gave us a packet of his new soma style papers- really nice

  38. Jijikun777 says:

    soma <3

  39. MrParishbaby says:


  40. ForJahMan says:

    “Don’t do shit really.” Greatest straight forward man. Soma please if can
    get more involved with the legalization of Marijuana (world wide). You have
    words that carry in the thought, like a Dandy Lion seed.

  41. MedicineMan Dan says:

    If we are all angels with amnesia how does soma no we are angels with
    amnesia. Is he someone who did not get amnesia?

  42. Curtis Henry-Swagert says:

    “Angelic Humans in amnesia, here in duality to make Earth heaven like it’s
    suppose to be.” Hmmmmmm… … … … ONE LOVE

  43. SOMAWEEDLOVE says:

    Soma rules thanks for sharing <3

  44. MrParishbaby says:

    When I’m around my garden ( I for get time)

  45. fullmeltdabber says:

    ha thats what i get for not spell checking my comments

  46. kinleyjones1 says:

    what a great guy!

  47. killercal420 says:

    Lol maybe that week was a year….?

  48. sertd1 says:

    Your my hero

  49. MrParishbaby says: